Recipe: Apache Logs + rsyslog (parsing) + Elasticsearch

Original post: Recipe: Apache Logs + rsyslog (parsing) + Elasticsearch by @Sematext This recipe is about tailing Apache HTTPD logs with rsyslog, parsing them into structured JSON documents, and forwarding them to Elasticsearch (or a log analytics SaaS, like Logsene, which exposes the Elasticsearch API). Having them indexed in a structured way will allow you […]

Changelog for 7.3.4 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.4 [devel] 2012-11-23 further (and rather drastically) improved disk queue performance we now save one third of the IO calls imklog: added ParseKernelTimestamp parameter (import from 5.10.2) Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski for the patch. imklog: added KeepKernelTimestamp parameter (import from 5.10.2) Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski for the patch. bugfix: improper handling of backslash in […]

Changelog for 6.2.1 (v6-stable)

Version 6.2.1 [v6-stable], 2012-05-10 change plugin config interface to be compatible with pre-v6.2 system The functionality was already removed (because it is superseeded by the v6.3+ config language), but code was still present. I have now removed those parts that affect interface. Full removal will happen in v6.3, in order to limit potential regressions. However, […]

rsyslog 5.8.8 (v5-stable) released

This is a bug-fixing release. It fixes the wrong computed facility and severity in imklog and a problem with rsyslog aborting on startup if no binary to execute was configured for omprog. ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Florian Riedl

Changelog for 6.3.7 (v6-devel)

Version 6.3.7  [DEVEL] 2012-02-02 imported refactored v5.9.6 imklog linux driver, now combined with BSD driver removed imtemplate/omtemplate template modules, as this was waste of time The actual input/output modules are better copy templates. Instead, the now-removed modules cost time for maintenance AND often caused confusion on what their role was. added  new stats objects improved […]

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