Changelog for 8.12.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.12.0 [v8-stable] 2015-08-11 Harmonize resetConfigVariables values and defaults see also Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch. GT/KSI: fix some issues in signature file format and add conversion tool The file format is incompatible to previous format, but tools have been upgraded to handle both and also an option been added to convert […]

7.4.0 – the new stable

new rsyslog 7.4.0 stable released We just released rsyslog 7.4.0, a new stable release which replaces the 7.2 branch. After nine month of hard work, there are many exciting enhancements compared to 7.2, and I thought I give you a quick rundown of the more important new features. Note that while I list some “minor […]

Changelog for 6.2.1 (v6-stable)

Version 6.2.1 [v6-stable], 2012-05-10 change plugin config interface to be compatible with pre-v6.2 system The functionality was already removed (because it is superseeded by the v6.3+ config language), but code was still present. I have now removed those parts that affect interface. Full removal will happen in v6.3, in order to limit potential regressions. However, […]

Changelog for 5.9.7 (v5-beta)

Version 5.9.7 [V5-BETA], 2012-05-10 added capability to specify substrings for field extraction mode bugfix: ommysql did not properly init/exit the mysql runtime library this could lead to segfaults. Triggering condition: multiple action instances using ommysql. Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for reporting this problem and providing an initial patch (which my solution is based on, I […]

rsyslog 5.9.7 (v5-beta) released

This is primarily a bug-fixing release. It also introduces the ability to extract substrings from within property fields. This is a recommended update for all users of the v5-beta branch. It will probably turn into the next v5-stable soon, so everyone is encouraged to give this version a try in order to iron out any […]

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