rsyslog 8.23.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.23.0. This release is packed with changes and enhancements. One of the most interesting might be the removal of the SHA2-224 hash algorithm for KSI signatures. This is considered insecure and is no longer supported by the KSI library. Also notable are the changes to imfile, omfile and omelasticsearch, among lots […]

Changelog for 8.12.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.12.0 [v8-stable] 2015-08-11 Harmonize resetConfigVariables values and defaults see also Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch. GT/KSI: fix some issues in signature file format and add conversion tool The file format is incompatible to previous format, but tools have been upgraded to handle both and also an option been added to convert […]

Changelog for 7.6.4 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.4 [v7.6-stable] 2014-09-12 add –enable-generate-man-pages configure switch (default: enabled) This forces generation of man pages, even if cached ones exists. This “fixes” a typical release tarball nit. While it is hackish, the benefit is clear given the history of failed tarball releases since we changed the cached man page handling. It was just too […]

rsyslog statistic counter plugin omfile

Plugin – omfile (rsyslog 7.3.6+) This plugin maintains statistics for each dynafile cache. Dynafile cache performance is critical for overall system performance, so reviewing these counters on a busy system (especially one experiencing performance problems) is advisable. The statistic is named “dynafile cache”, followed by the template name used for this dynafile action. The following […]

rsyslog 7.5.4 (v7-devel) released

This release offers some interesting features. It provides a new module called mmpstrucdata to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties. Also the default queue.size values have been altered to more suitable values. Omfwd and omfile received new parameters and we changed a bigger portion of the documentation to improve usability by linking relevant […]

Changelog for 7.5.4 (v7-devel)

Version 7.5.4 [devel] 2013-10-07 mmpstrucdata: new module to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties change main/ruleset queue defaults to be more enterprise-like new defaults are queue.size 100,000 max workers 2, worker activation after 40,000 msgs are queued, batch size 256. These settings are much more useful for enterprises and will not hurt low-end […]

rsyslog 7.3.0 (v7-devel) released

This start the new 7.3.x development branch. The first feature introduced is an enhancement that dramatically reduces the size of omfile-generated ZIP files. ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Tim Eifler

rsyslog statistics counter

Rsyslog supports statistic counters via the impstats module. It is important to know that impstats and friends only provides an infrastructure where core components and plugins can register statistics counter. This FAQ entry tries to describe all counters available, but please keep in mind that there may exist that we  do not know about. When […]

rsyslog 5.9.4 (devel) released

This release provides support for “trusted properties”, which may enhance overall system security. This is a new concept and feedback on it is appreciated. For more details on trusted properties, please visit or Rainer’s blog post with some more background about trusted properties: In addition to this feature, we have reduced dependency on […]

Changelog for 5.9.4 (v5-devel)

Version 5.9.4 [V5-DEVEL], 2011-11-29 imuxsock: added capability to “annotate” messages with “trusted information”, which contains some properties obtained from the system and as such is sure to not be faked. This is inspired by the similiar idea introduced in systemd. removed dependency on gcrypt for recently-enough GnuTLS see: bugfix: imuxsock did no longer ignore […]

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