rsyslog 8.29.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.29.0. This release features a number of changes. E.g. imptcp now has an experimental parameter for multiline messages, and new statistics counters. Most notably though, is the improved error reporting in the rsyslog core and in several modules like imtcp, imptcp, omfwd and the core modules. There is also an article […]

rsyslog 8.27.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.27.0. This release provides, apart from a lot of fixes, many useful feature enhancements. Most notably is the imkafka module, which allows the use of kafka as an input. In addition to this, imptcp and imtcp received quite a number of enhancements and the overall error reporting got improved quite a […]

Using rsyslog to Reindex/Migrate Elasticsearch data

Original post: Scalable and Flexible Elasticsearch Reindexing via rsyslog by @Sematext This recipe is useful in a two scenarios: migrating data from one Elasticsearch cluster to another (e.g. when you’re upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.x to 2.x or later) reindexing data from one index to another in a cluster pre 2.3. For clusters on version 2.3 […]

rsyslog 8.9.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.9.0. This is primarily a bug-fixing release with a couple of improvements in omprog, imuxsock and the zero message queue plugins. ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Florian Riedl

Changelog for 8.9.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.9.0 [v8-stable] 2015-04-07 omprog: add option “hup.forward” to forwards HUP to external plugins This was suggested by David Lang so that external plugins (and other programs) can also do HUP-specific processing. The default is not to forward HUP, so no change of behavior by default. imuxsock: added capability to use regular parser chain Previously, […]

Changelog for 7.4.7 (v7-stable)

Version 7.4.7  [v7.4-stable] 2013-12-10 bugfix: limiting queue disk space did not work properly   queue.maxdiskspace actually initializes queue.maxfilesize   total size of queue files was not checked against queue.maxdiskspace for disk assisted queues. Thanks to Karol Jurak for the patch. bugfix: linux kernel-like ratelimiter did not work properly with all inputs (for example, it did […]

rsyslog statistic counter plugin imtcp

Plugin – imtcp This plugin maintains statistics for each listener. The statistic is named after the given input name (or “imtcp” if none is configured), followed by the listener port in parenthesis. For example, the counter for a listener on port 514 with no set name is called “imtcp(514)”. The following properties are maintained for […]

rsyslog 7.5.4 (v7-devel) released

This release offers some interesting features. It provides a new module called mmpstrucdata to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties. Also the default queue.size values have been altered to more suitable values. Omfwd and omfile received new parameters and we changed a bigger portion of the documentation to improve usability by linking relevant […]

Changelog for 7.5.4 (v7-devel)

Version 7.5.4 [devel] 2013-10-07 mmpstrucdata: new module to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties change main/ruleset queue defaults to be more enterprise-like new defaults are queue.size 100,000 max workers 2, worker activation after 40,000 msgs are queued, batch size 256. These settings are much more useful for enterprises and will not hurt low-end […]

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