rsyslog 8.15.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.15.0. This release sports a lot of changes. Among the changes are a lot of bugfixes, changes to the KSI support, pmciscoios, omkafka, 0mq modules, omelasticsearch and many more. To get a full overview over the changes, please take a look at the Changelog. ChangeLog: http://www.rsyslog.com/changelog-for-8-15-0-v8-stable/ Download: http://www.rsyslog.com/downloads/download-v8-stable/ As always, feedback […]

Changelog for 8.15.0 (v8-stable)

—————————————————————————— Version 8.15.0 [v8-stable] 2015-12-15 KSI Lib: Updated code to run with libksi Also libksi 3.4.0.x is required to build rsyslog if ksi support is enabled. New libpackages have been build as well. KSI utilities: Added option to ser publication url. Since libksi 3.4.0.x, there is no default publication url anymore. The publication url […]

rsyslog 8.9.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.9.0. This is primarily a bug-fixing release with a couple of improvements in omprog, imuxsock and the zero message queue plugins. ChangeLog: http://www.rsyslog.com/changelog-for-8-9-0-v8-stable/ Download: http://www.rsyslog.com/downloads/download-v8-stable/ As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Florian Riedl

Changelog for 8.9.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.9.0 [v8-stable] 2015-04-07 omprog: add option “hup.forward” to forwards HUP to external plugins This was suggested by David Lang so that external plugins (and other programs) can also do HUP-specific processing. The default is not to forward HUP, so no change of behavior by default. imuxsock: added capability to use regular parser chain Previously, […]

Changelog for 7.4.0 (v7-stable)

Version 7.4.0  [v7.4-stable] 2013-06-06 This starts a new stable branch based on 7.3.15 plus the following changes: add –enable-cached-man-pages ./configure option permits to build rsyslog on a system where rst2man is not installed. In that case, cached versions of the man pages are used (they were built during “make dist”, so they should be current […]

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