Enterprise Support

Professional services are being offered by Adiscon, the company that sponsors rsyslog development. For details, please contact Adiscon Sales.

OptionsEnterprise SupportExtended Enterprise SupportUnlimited Enterprise Support
Max. hours152540
Email support
Phone support
Response time1 – 2 business days24 hours on business days24 hours on business days
Cost2999 EURO4999 EURO19999 EURO
Number of installations55Unlimited
Customer contact personnel122

Purchase RSYSLOG support directly from the source. This contract provides priority email support and phone support. It is a great option if you need to provide proof of software support in your organization. This contract provides

  • unlimited email support tickets during validity
  • fixes for current and outdated rsyslog releases
  • advise on how to implement rsyslog in the best possible way.

All contracts run for a period of one year.

Under this contract, fixes for rsyslog releases will be provided / created, assuming it is possible to do that with the code base in question.

The contract is for end-users only, not for interim-support through a service provider. If you are a service provider, please contact us via the Customer Service System.


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