Daily Stable Build

As of our policy, the git master branch is kept stable. In other words: when it comes time to craft a scheduled stable release (every 6 weeks), we grab the master branch as-is and use it to build the release. We currently provide daily stable versions for Ubuntu only (helping hands for other platforms would be appreciated). To obtain them visit

Ubuntu repository installation instructions

Note: you must replace “v8-stable” in these instructions with “v8-devel”. The name “v8-devel” is used for historic reasons. It will probably be changed soon to better reflect that this actually is stable code.

Using the stable daily build has some advantages over the scheduled one:

  • you receive the latest bug fixes, including those for known issues in the scheduled stable release
  • you get hold of the latest feature updates; note that some experimental features not fully matured may be included (this also happens, a bit later, with the scheduled stable release)
  • a real plus over the scheduled release is that if we actually introduced a bug, it will possibly much quicker be fixed compared to the same bug when it made its way into the scheduled release.

You do not need to be concerned that you break configurations by using the daily stable. As of our policies, we never make changes that break existing configs. The only exception from this rule is if there is an extremely good reason for doing so. If so, the same breaking change will be propagated at most 6 weeks later into the scheduled stable release.

In short: there are many good reasons to use the daily stable builds. Please do so. The community fully supports them.

Version Numbering

Daily stable build version numbering is a bit different than usual. Daily builds will identify themselves like this: rsyslogd 8.1907.0.35e7f12a2c04.  We simply add the 12 digit commit hash to the version string used for the scheduled version. Also, daily build are always one version ahead of the scheduled version – because that is what they will later be known as.

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