Need Help?

Not far away, with options for everyone:

  • rsyslog mailing list
    An excellent place to talk the community, ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Maybe we have already solved your problem. Be sure to visit the FAQ area of the rsyslog web site!
  • Specific use-case
    If you want to have a specific setup, please make sure to visit the Guide area for rsyslog or Guide area for Rsyslog Windows Agent to see if a appropriate guide is available!
  • Enterprise Support is available for a fee
    This is for business users who require fast responses and someone who can be held accountable for supporting rsyslog (e.g. for compliance needs). Support is provided by Adiscon, the prime sponsor of rsyslog development.

See rsyslog documentation for potentially different support options.

There are additional support options for RSyslog Windows Agent only – please contact us via the Customer Service System for further information.

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