rsyslog 8.29.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.29.0.

This release features a number of changes. E.g. imptcp now has an experimental parameter for multiline messages, and new statistics counters.

Most notably though, is the improved error reporting in the rsyslog core and in several modules like imtcp, imptcp, omfwd and the core modules. There is also an article available about the improved/enhanced error reporting:

If you have questions or feedback in relation to the article and/or debug output, please let us know or leave a comment below the article.

Other than that, the new version provides quite a number of bugfixes.

For a complete list of changes, fixes and enhancements, please visit the ChangeLog.

The packages will follow when they are finished.


rsyslog 8.27.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.27.0.

This release provides, apart from a lot of fixes, many useful feature enhancements. Most notably is the imkafka module, which allows the use of kafka as an input. In addition to this, imptcp and imtcp received quite a number of enhancements and the overall error reporting got improved quite a bit.

For a complete list of changes, fixes and enhancements, please visit the ChangeLog.


rsyslog 8.26.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.26.0.

This release has liblognorm 2.0.3 as a build requirement. Also, there were quite some changes like internal error messages are enabled at all times and many more fixes and additions to modules like imrelp, imptcp, omfwd and many many more.

For a complete list of changes, fixes and enhancements, please visit the ChangeLog.


rsyslog 8.7.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.7.0.

Version 8.7.0 contains various improvements and additions to a wide array of modules, like imfile, imptcp, improvements to RainerScript and mmnormalize (thanks to Singh Janmejay) and a couple of other improvements. But, the biggest addition is the new omkafka module that now allows direct writing to Apache Kafka.

This release also contains important bug fixes.

This is a recommended upgrade for all users.




As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

Changelog for 8.7.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.7.0 [v8-stable] 2015-01-13

  • add message metadata “system” to msg object
    this permits to store metadata alongside the message
  • imfile: add support for “filename” metadata
    this is useful in cases where wildcards are used
  • imptcp: make stats counter names consistent with what imudp, imtcp uses
  • added new module “omkafka” to support writing to Apache Kafka
  • omfwd: add new “udp.senddelay” parameter
  • mmnormalize enhancements
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • RainerScript “foreach” iterator and array reading support
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • now requires liblognorm >= 1.0.2
  • add support for systemd >= 209 library names
  • BSD “ntp” facility (value 12) is now also supported in filter
    Thanks to Douglas K. Rand of Iteris, Inc. for the patch.
    Note: this patch was released under ASL 2.0 (see email-conversation).
  • bugfix: global(localHostName=”xxx”) was not respected in all modules
  • bugfix: emit correct error message on config-file-not-found
  • bugfix: impstats emitted invalid JSON format (if JSON was selected)
  • bugfix: (small) memory leak in omfile’s outchannel code
    Thanks to Koral Ilgun for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix: imuxsock did not deactivate some code not supported by platform
    Among potential other problemns, this caused build failure under Solaris.
    Note that this build problem just made a broader problem appear that so
    far always existed but was not visible.

rsyslog statistic counter plugin imptcp

Plugin – imptcp

This plugin maintains statistics for each listener. The statistic is named “imtcp” , followed by the bound address, listener port and IP version in parenthesis. For example, the counter for a listener on port 514, bound to all interfaces and listening on IPv6 is called “imptcp(*/514/IPv6)”.

The following properties are maintained for each listener:

  • submitted – total number of messages submitted for processing since startup

Back to statistics counter overview

rsyslog 7.5.5 (v7-devel) released

This release offers some important bug fixes and exciting new features. Most importantly, imudp can now use multiple input threads for even higher UDP input throughput. And imfile now longer has a hardcoded limit on the number of files that can be monitored. You can now monitor as many files as you like. Support for setting default timezones has been added to imptcp and imudp, but is still in experimental state (but feel free to use it if it suits you!). More detailed information is available in the changelog.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards, Florian Riedl

Changelog for 7.5.5 (v7-devel)

Version 7.5.5 [devel] 2013-10-16

  • imfile: permit to monitor an unlimited number of files
  • imptcp: add “defaultTZ” input parameter
  • imudp: support for multiple receiver threads added
  • imudp: add “dfltTZ” input config parameter
  • bugfix: memory leak in mmnormalize
  • bugfix: mmutf8fix did not properly handle invalid UTF-8 at END of message if the very last character sequence was too long, this was not detected
    Thanks to Risto Vaarandi for reporting this problem.
  • mmanon: removed the check for specific “terminator characters” after  last octet. As it turned out, this didn’t work in practice as there was an enormous set of potential terminator chars — so removing them was the best thing to do. Note that this may change behaviour of existing installations. Yet, we still consider this an important bugfix, that should be applied to the stable branch.
    Thanks to Muri Cicanor for initiating the discussion
  • now requires libestr 0.1.7 as early versions had a nasty bug in string comparisons
  • bugfix: mmanon did not detect all IP addresses in rewrite mode
    The problem occured if two IPs were close to each other and the first one was shrunk.
    Thanks to for reporting this bug
  • bugfix: mmanon sometimes used invalid replacement char in simple mode depending on configuration sequence, the replacement character was set to ‘s’ instead of the correct value. Most importantly, it was set to ‘s’ if simple mode was selected and no replacement char set.
    Thanks to for reporting this bug
  • bugfix: memory leak in mmnormalize
  • bugfix: array-based ==/!= comparisions lead to invalid results
    This was a regression introduced in 7.3.5 bei the PRI optimizer

Changelog for 5.8.11 (v5-stable)

Version 5.8.11  [V5-stable] 2012-05-03

  • bugfix: ommysql did not properly init/exit the mysql runtime library this could lead to segfaults. Triggering condition: multiple action instances using ommysql.  Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for reporting this problem and providing an initial patch (which my solution is based on, I need to add more code to clean the mess up).
  • bugfix: rsyslog did not terminate when delayable inputs were blocked due to unvailable sources. Fixes:
    Thanks to Marcin M for bringing up this problem and Andre Lorbach for helping to reproduce and fix it.
  • bugfix: active input in “light delay state” could block rsyslog termination, at least for prolonged period of time
  • bugfix: imptcp input name could not be set. Config directive was accepted, but had no effect
  • bugfix: assigned ruleset was lost when using disk queues
    This looked quite hard to diagnose for disk-assisted queues, as the pure memory part worked well, but ruleset info was lost for messages stored inside the disk queue.
  • bugfix: hostname was not requeried on HUP
    Thanks to Per Jessen for reporting this bug and Marius Tomaschewski for his help in testing the fix.
  • bugfix: inside queue.c, some thread cancel states were not correctly reset. While this is a bug, we assume it did have no practical effect because the reset as it was done was set to the state the code actually had at this point. But better fix this…

Changelog for 5.9.6 (v5-beta)

Version 5.9.6  [V5-BETA], 2012-04-12

  • added configuration directives to customize queue light delay marks
  • permit size modifiers (k,m,g,…) in integer config parameters
    Thanks to Jo Rhett for the suggestion.
  • bugfix: hostname was not requeried on HUP
    Thanks to Per Jessen for reporting this bug and Marius Tomaschewski for his help in testing the fix.
  • bugfix: imklog invalidly computed facility and severity
  • added configuration directive to disable octet-counted framing for imtcp, directive is $InputTCPServerSupportOctetCountedFraming for imptcp, directive is $InputPTCPServerSupportOctetCountedFraming
  • added capability to use a local interface IP address as fromhost-ip for locally originating messages. New directive $LocalHostIPIF
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