Changelog for 5.8.11 (v5-stable)

Version 5.8.11  [V5-stable] 2012-05-03

  • bugfix: ommysql did not properly init/exit the mysql runtime library this could lead to segfaults. Triggering condition: multiple action instances using ommysql.  Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for reporting this problem and providing an initial patch (which my solution is based on, I need to add more code to clean the mess up).
  • bugfix: rsyslog did not terminate when delayable inputs were blocked due to unvailable sources. Fixes:
    Thanks to Marcin M for bringing up this problem and Andre Lorbach for helping to reproduce and fix it.
  • bugfix: active input in “light delay state” could block rsyslog termination, at least for prolonged period of time
  • bugfix: imptcp input name could not be set. Config directive was accepted, but had no effect
  • bugfix: assigned ruleset was lost when using disk queues
    This looked quite hard to diagnose for disk-assisted queues, as the pure memory part worked well, but ruleset info was lost for messages stored inside the disk queue.
  • bugfix: hostname was not requeried on HUP
    Thanks to Per Jessen for reporting this bug and Marius Tomaschewski for his help in testing the fix.
  • bugfix: inside queue.c, some thread cancel states were not correctly reset. While this is a bug, we assume it did have no practical effect because the reset as it was done was set to the state the code actually had at this point. But better fix this…
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