Changelog for 7.3.14 (v7-beta)

Version 7.3.14 [beta] 2013-05-06

  • bugfix: some man pages were not properly installed either rscryutil or rsgtutil man was installed, but not both Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski for the patch.
  • bugfix: potential segfault on startup when builtin module was specified in module() statement. Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski for reporting the bug.
  • bugfix: segfault due to invalid dynafile cache handling Accidently, the old-style cache size parameter was used when the dynafile cache was created in a RainerScript action. If the old-style size was lower than the one actually set, this lead to misadressing when the size was overrun, and that could lead to all kinds of “interesting things”, often in segfaults. closes:

rsyslog 7.3.13 (v7-beta) released

We have just released 7.3.13 of the v7-beta branch.

This is primarily a bug-fixing release, but also contains a new user-contributed output module for rabbitmq (provided on an as-is basis). Note that this is a BETA release, indicating that a stable version will be upcoming soon. Please test out the version and report any bugs you see.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

Changelog for 7.3.13 (v7-beta)

Version 7.3.13  [beta] 2013-04-29

  • added omrabbitmq module (contributed, untested)
    Note: this is unsupported and as such was moved immediately into the beta version.
    Thanks to Vaclav Tomec for providing this module.
  • bugfix: build problem when –enable-encryption was not selected
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for fixing this.
  • doc bugfix: omfile parameter “VeryRobustZip” was documentas as “VeryReliableZip”
    Thanks to Thomas Doll for reporting this.

Changelog for 7.3.2 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.2 [devel] 2012-10-30

  • totally reworked ratelimiting and “last message repeated n times”
    all over rsyslog code. Each of the supported inputs now supports
    linux-like ratelimiting (formerly only imuxsock did). Also, the
    “last message repeated n times” is now processed at the input side
    and no longer at the output side of rsyslog processing. This
    provides the basis for new future additions as well as usually more
    performance and a much simpler output part (which can be even further
  • imtcp: support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • imptcp: support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • imudp enhancements:
    • support for input batching added (performance improvement)
    • support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • permited action-like statements (stop, call, …) in action lists
  • bugfix: segfault on startup when modules using MSG_PASSING mode are used
  • omelasticsearch: support for writing data errors to local file added
  • omelasticsearch: fix check for bulk processing status response

Changelog for 7.1.12 (v7-beta)

Version 7.1.12  [beta] 2012-10-18

  • minor updates to better support newer systemd developments
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for the patches.
  • build system cleanup
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for the patch series.
  • cleanup: removed remains of -c option (compatibility mode) both from code & doc and emitted warning message if still used
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for reporting & suggestions
  • bugfix: imklog truncated head of received message
    This happened only under some circumstances. Thanks to Marius Tomaschwesky and Florian Piekert for their help in solving this issue.
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