Changelog for 7.3.9 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.9 [devel] 2013-03-27

  • support for signing logs added
  • imudp: now supports user-selectable inputname
  • omlibdbi: now supports transaction interface
    if recent enough lbdbi is present
  • imuxsock: add ability to NOT create/delete sockets during startup and
  • imfile: errors persisting state file are now reported
  • imfile: now detects file change when rsyslog was inactive
    Previosly, this case could not be detected, so if a file was overwritten
    or rotated away while rsyslog was stopped, some data was missing. This
    is now detected and the new file being forwarded right from the
  • updated systemd files to match current systemd source
  • bugfix: imudp scheduling parameters did affect main thread, not imudp
  • bugfix: build problem on platforms without GLOB_NOMAGIC
  • bugfix: build problems on non-Linux platforms
  • bugfix: stdout/stderr were not closed on forking
    but were closed when running in the forground – this was just reversed
    of what it should be. This is a regression of a recent change.

Changelog for 7.3.2 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.2 [devel] 2012-10-30

  • totally reworked ratelimiting and “last message repeated n times”
    all over rsyslog code. Each of the supported inputs now supports
    linux-like ratelimiting (formerly only imuxsock did). Also, the
    “last message repeated n times” is now processed at the input side
    and no longer at the output side of rsyslog processing. This
    provides the basis for new future additions as well as usually more
    performance and a much simpler output part (which can be even further
  • imtcp: support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • imptcp: support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • imudp enhancements:
    • support for input batching added (performance improvement)
    • support for Linux-Type ratelimiting added
  • permited action-like statements (stop, call, …) in action lists
  • bugfix: segfault on startup when modules using MSG_PASSING mode are used
  • omelasticsearch: support for writing data errors to local file added
  • omelasticsearch: fix check for bulk processing status response
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