Changelog for 5.9.6 (v5-beta)

Version 5.9.6  [V5-BETA], 2012-04-12

  • added configuration directives to customize queue light delay marks
  • permit size modifiers (k,m,g,…) in integer config parameters
    Thanks to Jo Rhett for the suggestion.
  • bugfix: hostname was not requeried on HUP
    Thanks to Per Jessen for reporting this bug and Marius Tomaschewski for his help in testing the fix.
  • bugfix: imklog invalidly computed facility and severity
  • added configuration directive to disable octet-counted framing for imtcp, directive is $InputTCPServerSupportOctetCountedFraming for imptcp, directive is $InputPTCPServerSupportOctetCountedFraming
  • added capability to use a local interface IP address as fromhost-ip for locally originating messages. New directive $LocalHostIPIF
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