rsyslog 7.5.4 (v7-devel) released

This release offers some interesting features. It provides a new module called mmpstrucdata to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties. Also the default queue.size values have been altered to more suitable values. Omfwd and omfile received new parameters and we changed a bigger portion of the documentation to improve usability by linking relevant web ressources to quickly find additional information. Finally, there have been a few other changes and bugfixes.

More detailed information is available in the changelog.





As always, feedback is appreciated.

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Florian Riedl

Changelog for 7.5.4 (v7-devel)

Version 7.5.4 [devel] 2013-10-07

  • mmpstrucdata: new module to parse RFC5424 structured data into json message properties
  • change main/ruleset queue defaults to be more enterprise-like
    new defaults are queue.size 100,000 max workers 2, worker activation after 40,000 msgs are queued, batch size 256. These settings are much more useful for enterprises and will not hurt low-end systems that much. This is part of our re-focus on enterprise needs.
  • omfwd: new action parameter “maxErrorMessages” added
  • omfile: new module parameters to set action defaults added
    * dirCreateMode
    * fileCreateMode
  • mmutf8fix: new module to fix invalid UTF-8 sequences
  • imuxsock: handle unlimited number of additional listen sockets
  • doc: improve usability by linking to relevant web ressources
    The idea is to enable users to quickly find additional information, samples, HOWTOs and the like on the main site. At the same time, (very) slightly remove memory footprint when few listeners are monitored.
  • bugfix: omfwd parameter streamdrivermmode was not properly handled
    It was always overwritten by whatever value was set via the legacy directive $ActionSendStreamDriverMode
  • imtcp: add streamdriver.name module parameter
    permits overriding the system default stream driver (gtls, ptcp)
  • bugfix: build system: libgcrypt.h needed even if libgrcypt was disabled
    Thanks to Jonny Törnbom for reporting this problem
  • imported bugfixes from 7.4.4
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