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For each queue inside the system its own set of statistics counters is created. If there are multiple action (or main) queues, this can become a rather lengthy list. The stats record begins with the queue name (e.g. “main Q” for the main queue; ruleset queues have the name of the ruleset they are associated to, action queues the name of the action).

  • size – currently active messages in queue
  • enqueued – total number of messages enqueued into this queue since startup
  • maxsize – maximum number of active messages the queue ever held
  • full – number of times the queue was actually full and could not accept additional messages
  • discarded.full – number of messages discarded because the queue was full
  • discarded.nf – number of messages discarded because the queue was nearly full. Starting at this point, messages of lower-than-configured severity are discarded to save space for higher severity ones.

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rsyslog statistics counter

Rsyslog supports statistic counters via the impstats module. It is important to know that impstats and friends only provides an infrastructure where core components and plugins can register statistics counter. This FAQ entry tries to describe all counters available, but please keep in mind that there may exist that we  do not know about.

When interpreting rsyslog statistics, please keep in mind that statistics records are processed as regular syslog messages. As such, the statistics messages themselves increment counters when they are emitted via the regular syslog stream, which is the default (and so counters keep slowly increasing even if there is absolutely no other traffic). Also keep in mind that a busy rsyslog system is very dynamic. Most importantly, this means that the counters may not be 100% consistent, but some slight differences may exist. Avoiding such inconsistencies would be possible only at the price of a very tight locking discipline, which would cause serious performance bottlenecks. Thus, this is not done. Finally, though extremely unlikely, some counters may experience an overflow and restart at 0 for that reasons. However, most counters are 64-bit, so this is extremely unlikely. Those which are not 64 bit are typically taken from some internal data structure that uses lower bits for performance reasons and guards against overflow.

The listing starts with the core component or plugin that creates the counters and than specifies various counters that exist for the sub-entities. The listing below is extended as new counters are added. Some counters probably do not exist in older releases of rsyslog.

Below you can find all available core components and plugins. Please note that every core component or plugin are linked to a information site.



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