rsyslog statistic counter Queues


For each queue inside the system its own set of statistics counters is created. If there are multiple action (or main) queues, this can become a rather lengthy list. The stats record begins with the queue name (e.g. “main Q” for the main queue; ruleset queues have the name of the ruleset they are associated to, action queues the name of the action).

  • size – currently active messages in queue
  • enqueued – total number of messages enqueued into this queue since startup
  • maxsize – maximum number of active messages the queue ever held
  • full – number of times the queue was actually full and could not accept additional messages
  • discarded.full – number of messages discarded because the queue was full
  • – number of messages discarded because the queue was nearly full. Starting at this point, messages of lower-than-configured severity are discarded to save space for higher severity ones.

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