The rocket-fast system for log processing

rsyslog statistic counter Queues


For each queue inside the system its own set of statistics counters is created. If there are multiple action (or main) queues, this can become a rather lengthy list. The stats record begins with the queue name (e.g. "main Q" for the main queue; ruleset queues have the name of the ruleset they are associated to, action queues the name of the action).

  • size – currently active messages in queue
  • enqueued – total number of messages enqueued into this queue since startup
  • maxsize – maximum number of active messages the queue ever held
  • full – number of times the queue was actually full and could not accept additional messages
  • discarded.full – number of messages discarded because the queue was full
  • – number of messages discarded because the queue was nearly full. Starting at this point, messages of lower-than-configured severity are discarded to save space for higher severity ones.

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