rsyslog 7.4.9 (v7-stable) released

We have just released 7.4.9 of the v7-stable branch.

While we initially did not intend to do another v7.4 release, we got some important fixes which we wanted to be available for 7.4, so we decided to do one more release. Note that also a new feature is included. The “processInternalMessages” global parameter now permits to tell rsyslog to send it’s own error messages to another system logger. This is most beneficial for systemd-based systems, where this permits rsyslog messages to show up in the service status command (but note that this requires configuration).

More detailed information is available in the ChangeLog.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

7.4.0 – the new stable

new rsyslog 7.4.0 stable released

We just released rsyslog 7.4.0, a new stable release which replaces the 7.2 branch. After nine month of hard work, there are many exciting enhancements compared to 7.2, and I thought I give you a quick rundown of the more important new features. Note that while I list some “minor features” at the end of this posting, the list is not complete. I left out those things that are primarily of interest for smaller groups of users. So if you look for a specific feature not mentioned here, it may pay to look at the ChangeLog or post a question to the rsyslog mailing list.

With this release, the rsyslog project officially supports the 7.4 and 7.2 branches. If support for older versions is required, utilizing Adiscon’s professional services for rsyslog is recommended.

Note that I only list main headlines for each of the features. Follow links (where provided) to gain more in-depth information.

Security Package

Improved Rate-Limiters

  • introduction of Linux-like rate-limiting for all inputs
  • “Last message repeated n times” now done on a per-input basis; makes it much more useful AND increases processing speed.

Systemd Journal support

  • omjournal writes messages to the journal
  • imjournal obtains messages including journal-specific meta data items from the journal

Performance Improvements

  • Disk Queue Performance greatly improved
  • DNS chache greatly improved and optimized
  • omfile now supports fully async writing
  • script optimizer now changes frequently-used long-running filters into equivalent quick ones when possible (this even affects some distros default configs and is a great performance saver)

Minor Features

  • various plugins now support the new RainerScript based config language
  • omlibdbi improvements, among them support for transactions
  • ommysql now supports transactions
  • improved omfile zip writing speed
  • performance optimizations
  • omelasticsearch improvements (bulk processing mode, local error file)
  • omudpspoof now supports packets larger than 1472 by using fragmentation
  • omrelp now supports session timeout
  • contributed module (not project-supported) omrabbitmq was added

First Impression of Journald

We got a couple of questions on the planned new logging system that shall come with systemd. Rainer Gerhards, rsyslog’s development lead, has taken a quick look at journald and posted about his first impression. Have a look at his blog post journal and rsyslog if you are interested in how we think rsyslog is affected. In the mean time, there is also a description of why we think journald’s log chaining is simply broken and conveys a false sense of security.

rsyslog 6.3.2 (devel) released

This release offers better support for systemd and better timestamps for local log messages as well as an important syntax enhancement for omusrmsg. It also contains some bug fixes.

It is a recommended update for all v6-devel users.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Tom Bergfeld

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