rsyslog 7.4.9 (v7-stable) released

We have just released 7.4.9 of the v7-stable branch.

While we initially did not intend to do another v7.4 release, we got some important fixes which we wanted to be available for 7.4, so we decided to do one more release. Note that also a new feature is included. The “processInternalMessages” global parameter now permits to tell rsyslog to send it’s own error messages to another system logger. This is most beneficial for systemd-based systems, where this permits rsyslog messages to show up in the service status command (but note that this requires configuration).

More detailed information is available in the ChangeLog.



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

rsyslog 7.4.9 (v7-stable) released
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