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RSyslog Windows Agent

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About RSyslog Windows Agent

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The RSyslog Windows Agent is designed to work closely with rsyslog for Linux. It is designed to provide a tight integration of both environments. Log consolidation at its best.  In addition, it can be easily integrated into a environment, where Adiscon's MonitorWare Line of products is already present.


The RSyslog Windows Agent relies on Adiscon's knowledge in reliable logging environments for both Linux and Windows. It provides the possibility to consolidate logs from a Windows machine on a central Linux repository through rsyslog.


RSyslog Windows Agent runs on the systems to be monitored and provides the core functionality. It can gather the data from various sources, like the Windows event log, routers, switches, firewalls and many more. It supports very flexible and powerful local filtering and processing of these gathered events based on a powerful rule processor, events can be forwarded, acted on or discarded - all at the discretion of the system administrator. Even a stand-alone RSyslog Windows Agent can play a vital role in network management by performing a role like generating alert emails at the occurrences of specific events.


Larger environments consolidate RSyslog Windows Agent data in a central repository like the MonitorWare event database or combined log files. Database is the source of information for all reporting and analysis modules of the MonitorWare system. By default, database can be created with MySQL, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server (also available as cost-free MSDE). As standard SQL and ODBC are being used, it is easily adaptable to other database systems. For example, we know that many customers use it successfully with Oracle databases.


A number of different modules work on this consolidated database or the log files to carry out various activities. These modules include scheduled reporting facilities like for analysis, a web interface or reporting via Adiscon LogAnalyzer.


Currently under development is an enterprise configuration manager, which facilitates configuration of MonitorWare system on an enterprise scope. With the MonitorWare Enterprise Manager, groups of configurations can be created (e.g. for Syslog servers, Windows event log monitors, consolidation servers and the like). These function-focused groups can then be automatically applied to machine groups. By doing this, you can monitor a very large MonitorWare system with a single MonitorWare Enterprise Manager. If you are interested in the enterprise configuration system, please mail us at to become enrolled in our beta program.


RSyslog Windows Agent can also integrate with other network monitoring and management related Adiscon products like EventReporter, WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent. In fact, it uses common terms and methods wherever possible, so upgrading from these solutions to the full MonitorWare system is easy.


For a complete overview over the MonitorWare line of products, please visit