Common UsesΒΆ

RSyslog Windows Client can be used in several ways, due to its set of features.

The most common use is to forward Windows EventLogs to a central syslog server, which is usually rsyslog. That means, the EventLog will be polled for new entries and they will be forwarded to rsyslog via syslog. Basically, the transition of Windows Events to Linux should be the most common case.

In addition to the Windows EventLog, textfile-based logs are the second-most to be forwarded. These textfile logs could be from a webserver like IIS or anything else.

The third common case would be the syslog relay. This could happen if you have several sites, but no Linux server on each site. Then you could as well use a Windows machine to receive all the log messages, no matter if it is EventLogs, webserver logs or regular syslog. You could then filter it if necessary and forward all logs again to a central location.