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Coupling with Logstash via Redis

Original post: Recipe: rsyslog + Redis + Logstash by @Sematext OK, so you want to hook up rsyslog with Logstash. If you don’t remember why you want that, let me give you a few hints: Logstash can do lots of things, it’s easy to set up but tends to be too heavy to put on […]

Performance Tuning&Tests for the Elasticsearch Output

Original post: Rsyslog 8.1 Elasticsearch Output Performance by @Sematext Version 8 brings major changes in rsyslog’s core – see Rainer’s presentation about it for more details. Those changes should give outputs better performance, and the Elasticsearch one should benefit a lot. Since we’re using rsyslog and Elasticsearch in Sematext‘s own log analytics product, Logsene, we […]

rsyslog 7.5.7 (v7-devel) released

This is primarily a bug-fixing release, but offers some improvements in worker thread handling (thanks to Pavel Levshin!) as well as usability improvements when working changing queue sizes. More detailed information is available in the changelog. ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Tim Eifler

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