Using rsyslog and Elasticsearch to Handle Different Types of JSON Logs

Originally posted on the Sematext blog: Using Elasticsearch Mapping Types to Handle Different JSON Logs By default, Elasticsearch does a good job of figuring the type of data in each field of your logs. But if you like your logs structured like we do, you probably want more control over how they’re indexed: is time_elapsed […]

rsyslog 7.3.7 (v7-devel) released

We have just released v 7.3.7 of the rsyslog development branch. This release offers some important new features, most importantly a plugin to anonymize IPv4 addresses and a plugin to write to the systemd journal. Also, the field() RainerScript function has been upgraded to support multi-character field delimiters. There is also a number of bug […]

Changelog for 7.3.7 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.7  [devel] 2013-03-12 add support for anonymizing IPv4 addresses add support for writing to the Linux Journal (omjournal) imuxsock: add capability to ignore messages from ourselves This helps prevent message routing loops, and is vital to have if omjournal is used together with traditional syslog. field() function now supports a string as field delimiter […]

Using MongoDB with rsyslog and LogAnalyzer

In this scenario we want to receive cee-formatted messages from a different system with rsyslog, store the messages with MongoDB and then display the stored messages with Adiscon LogAnalyzer. This is a very common use-case. Please read through the complete guide before starting. We will split this guide in 3 main parts. These parts can […]

rsyslog 6.3.8 (v6-devel) released

This is an important new release of the rsyslog v6 devel branch. Among others, it is the version that supports many of the new things done for project lumberjack, better cee-enhanced syslog support as well as a much-improved mongodb driver. The release also contains numerous other enhancements as well as bug-fixes. Please note that part […]

Changelog for 6.3.8 (v6-devel)

Version 6.3.8  [DEVEL] 2012-04-16 added $PStatJSON directive to permit stats records in JSON format added “date-unixtimestamp” property replacer option to format as a unix timestamp (seconds since epoch) added “json” property replacer option to support JSON encoding on a per-property basis added omhiredis (contributed module) added mmjsonparse to support recognizing and parsing JSON enhanced syslog […]

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