Using MongoDB with rsyslog and LogAnalyzer

In this scenario we want to receive cee-formatted messages from a different system with rsyslog, store the messages with MongoDB and then display the stored messages with Adiscon LogAnalyzer. This is a very common use-case. Please read through the complete guide before starting. We will split this guide in 3 main parts. These parts can […]

Main Advantages of rsyslog v7 vs. v5

Why rsyslog V7: greatly improved configuration language – the new language is much more intuitive than the legacy format. It will also prevent some typical mistakes simply by not permitting these invalid constructs. Note that legacy format is still fully supported (and you can of course do the same mistakes if you use legacy format). […]

How to use rsyslog and MongoDB

rsyslog is since version 6.1.3 capable of using a output module called “ommongodb” to write log messages to mongodb. To achieve this, several packages are needed: mongodb mongodb-server php-pecl-mongo libmongo-client libglib2.0-dev These and of course rsyslog are needed. The packages are easily installed via a package manager. And the installation steps for rsyslog are the […]

rsyslog 6.3.8 (v6-devel) released

This is an important new release of the rsyslog v6 devel branch. Among others, it is the version that supports many of the new things done for project lumberjack, better cee-enhanced syslog support as well as a much-improved mongodb driver. The release also contains numerous other enhancements as well as bug-fixes. Please note that part […]

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