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Install rsyslog on Alpine

The Adiscon Alpine Repository  supports recent rsyslog versions for Alpine Linux including necessary third party packages. To install rsyslog on Alpine, simply execute the following commands as root from the commandline: cd /etc/apk/keys wget echo ‘’ >> /etc/apk/repositories apk update apk add rsyslog   Questions? Suggestions? Bug Reports? Provide it here: Feedback is appreciated!

Installing rsyslog from RPM

We want to describe here, how to install rsyslog from the RPM repository on RHEL/CentOS 5 and 6. Currently, we have RPMs available for the most recent versions of rsyslog. To use the repository, please follow these steps. 1. Obtain the .repo file To be able to use the RPM repository, you need a .repo […]

Install rsyslog on Ubuntu

The Adiscon Ubuntu Repository has been setup to provide the latest rsyslog versions on Ubuntu including necessary third party packages. We support those Ubuntu versions that have not yet reached end of life as of Ubuntu policy. For some Ubuntu versions beyond end of life, we may have packages in the PPA, but these may […]

Install rsyslog on RHEL/CENTOS

  The Adiscon RPM Repository supports recent rsyslog versions for RHEL/CentOS 7, 8 and 9 including third party packages. Using the daily stable build Packages for rsyslog’s daily stable are created every night and updated at 01:00 am CET. Note: for historical reasons, the repository is called “v8-stable-nightly”. This does not imply it is a […]

Install locations for rsyslog

Not everyone uses the same linux distributions. If Linux at all. And some distributions store files different than others. When building a test environment, we stumbled upon the problem, that if we tried the usual know method ./configure –libdir=/lib –sbindir=/sbin rsyslog won’t work. Even if there is already rsyslog installed, but we want to use […]

Installing RSyslog 5 on RHEL 4 / 5

To have rsyslog working correctly on RHEL 4 or 5, some conditions have to be met. The method described has been tested with rsyslog 5.7.1. First of all compile and install the dependencies. gnutls-2.8.6.tar.bz2 libgcrypt-1.4.6.tar.gz libgpg-error-1.9.tar.gz libtasn1-2.2.tar.gz After that, you can install rsyslog using the following commands: ./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig –enable-gnutls make make install It could […]

How to perform a mass rollout?

A mass rollout in the scope of this topic is any case where the product is rolled out to more than 5 to 10 machines and this rollout is to be automated. This is described first in this article. A special case may also be where remote offices shall receive exact same copies of the product […]

RSyslog Windows Agent license document – EULA

RSyslog Windows Agent Version 7.3 Final Release End User License Agreement 2022-11-08 This binary code license (“License”) contains rights and restrictions associated with use of the accompanying software and documentation (“Software”). Read the License carefully before installing the Software. By installing the Software you agree to the terms and conditions of this License. 1. Limited […]

rsyslog error 2291

Error in RELP processing. If this message occurs: imrelp: could not activate relp listner, code 10046 This means that the platform does not provide TLS auth support. In general, this means that GnuTLS is too old. Here is the recommended solution: Install a current version of GnuTLS on that system and rebuild librelp from source. […]

rsyslog error 2209

Module (config name) is unknown. In almost all most cases, this message is caused by a typo in the module name module not being installed Please note that rsyslog usually is packaged via a core package (usually called “rsyslog”) and feature packages (usually called “rsyslog-feature”). The core package contains only what is frequently needed. For […]

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