rsyslog on Amazon Web Services (AWS Marketplace App)

AWS rsyslog – Applying Configuration Changes

Once you’ve updated the configuration of the AWS rsyslog application, it’s important to manually apply the new settings as rsyslog doesn’t do this automatically. This is to prevent partial changes from being loaded and potentially causing issues.

The AWS rsyslog AWS application provides a dedicated tool, rsyslogctl, which can be used to check and reload the configuration. During the reload process, rsyslogctl determines the most efficient way to apply the changes. For example, some changes like drop rules can be applied without interrupting message processing, while others require a full restart, causing a brief interruption.

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rsyslog on AWS – S3 file structure

The EBS disk included in the product is only used for day-to-day storage of logs. Persistent log storage is kept on an S3 store. This store also contains some other data items which should persist over upgrades of the rsyslog on AWS application.

The following prefixes/folders are used by rsyslog:

  • /rsyslog.logstore/ – the actual logstore
    This is synced with data from the local EBS disk once a day for the past day (in default settings).
  • /rsyslog.config/ – config data items.
    This contains the user-based config which can be restored from here during an upgrade or on misconfiguration.

The users should select proper S3 policies based on her or his needs. Most importantly, Versioning and Retention Period should be set accordingly.

The S3 store to use can be configured during the cloud formation process and manually via the meta config.

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rsyslog on AWS – an Overview

Our team at Adiscon offers a comprehensive paid full-service rsyslog product, available on the AWS Marketplace. As the same team that develops and supports the rsyslog open source project, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional service and ongoing innovation.

By purchasing our AWS Marketplace product, you’re also supporting the continued development of rsyslog. This ensures that the open source project remains robust, reliable, and up-to-date.

Our full-service rsyslog offering is designed specifically for organizations seeking a seamless and hassle-free way to collect syslog data on the cloud. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, along with regular updates to ensure the highest level of performance and security.

In summary, our AWS Marketplace product is the perfect solution for organizations that value simplicity, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to collecting syslog data in the cloud.

The AWS product ist currently in limited beta phase. If you are interesting in joining the beta, please email

Some Documentation is already available (and being improved during the beta phase). Please follow these links:

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