librelp 1.2.10

librelp 1.2.10 [download]This new release of librelp fixes a problem with sending large buffers, improves sender/receiver code and enables compatibility with older versions of GnuTLS. ———————————————————————- Version 1.2.10 – 2016-03-30– make compatible with older versions of GnuTLS which require  libgcrypt– improve example sender/receiver code  Thanks to Chris Pilkington for the patches.– bugfix: Send full buffers […]

librelp 1.1.4

librelp 1.1.4 [download] This version of the library provides certificate wildcard name checks. It also supports enhanced performance options (burst support, requires support from the caller). It also contains some bug fixes, especially for BSD. Version 1.1.4 – 2013-07-03 – fix build problems on BSD   Thanks to Christiano for analysis and patch suggestion. – […]

librelp 1.1.2

librelp 1.1.2 [download] This release most importantly includes certificate-based mutual peer authentication in TLS mode. It also provides finer-grained control over the GnuTLS settings by permitting to directly specify the so-called “priority string”. With this string, important details like ciphers to be supported can be specified. To implement these features, a number of API extensions […]

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