action.execOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended preciseness

The “action.execOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended” parameter permits to conditionally execute an action only if the previous one is suspended. When an action actually gets suspended depends on the output module implementing the action, but the general rule is that an action suspends itself if there is a problem doing it’s job (e.g. a target server is down). This […]

Lower Bound for Queue Sizes

The queue.size parameter permits to specify the maximum queue size in number of messages. While not technically enforced, there is a lower limit on this parameter. Setting it to very low values (roughly below 100 messages) is not supported and can lead to unpredictable results. Also, future version my automatically adjust to a safe lower […]

Why does the rsyslog testbench sometimes fail?

Rsyslog contains a set of automatted tests, the so-called “testbench”. It is invoked via the standard method of “make check” and “make distcheck”. Since its introduction in version 3, the testbench has been continously enhanced and extended. It now contains around 150 individual tests, which sum up to around 80 tests from the autoconf point […]

Periodic statistics on rsyslog counters

Since rsyslog 5.7.0 (V5-Devel) there is a new module called impstats. This module provides periodic output of rsyslog internal counters. Note that the whole statistics system is currently under development. So availabilty and format of counters may change and is not yet stable (so be prepared to change your trending scripts when you upgrade to […]

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