Periodic statistics on rsyslog counters

Since rsyslog 5.7.0 (V5-Devel) there is a new module called impstats.

This module provides periodic output of rsyslog internal counters. Note that the whole statistics system is currently under development. So availabilty and format of counters may change and is not yet stable (so be prepared to change your trending scripts when you upgrade to a newer rsyslog version).

The set of available counters will be output as a set of syslog messages. This output is periodic, with the interval being configurable (default is 5 minutes). Be sure that your configuration records the counter messages (default is

Note that loading this module has impact on rsyslog performance. Depending on settings, this impact may be severe (for high-load environments).

Please find below some simple steps how to use that module.

Of course you have to name it additionally in the configure. The configure should look like this (please note that the parameters can be different to your configure, the important thing is ––enable-impstats; this example is for Fedora 13 )

./configure --enable-impstats --sbindir=/sbin --libdir=/lib

The next steps are make and make install

make install

Furthermore we have to add that module in the rsyslog config. Below you will find a short excerpt of a sample config.

#### Modules ####
$ModLoad imuxsock
$ModLoad imklog
#$ModLoad immark

$ModLoad impstats
$PStatsInterval 600
$PStatsSeverity 7

syslog.debug  /var/log/rsyslog-stats

$ModLoad impstats – tells rsyslog to load the module impstats

$PStatsInterval 600 – is a configuration directive of impstats

$PStatsSeverity 7 – is also a configuration directive of impstats

Here you will find all information about the impstats module and its configuration directives.

If we have a look at the mentioned output file rsyslog-stats we can see the results of the static module.

The content of that file should look like this

Sep 17 11:43:49 localhost rsyslogd-pstats: umxsock: submitted=16
Sep 17 11:43:49 localhost rsyslogd-pstats: main Q: size=1 enqueued=2403 full=0 maxqsize=2

At the actual point all objects are shown in the results. Every Object has its own counter like

umxsock: (= object) submitted=16 (=counter; 16 logs received by the object umxsock). The main queue of rsyslog is also shown -> main Q with the parameters size (messages in the queue), enqueued (all received messages), full (how often was the queue full) and maxqsize (the maximal amount of messages in the queue).

Please be sure that the features and options of that module will be develeloped soon.

All information about the periodic statistics module you will find in the documentation. There is also a list of rsyslog impstats counters available on the web site.

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