Changelog for 8.12.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.12.0 [v8-stable] 2015-08-11

  • Harmonize resetConfigVariables values and defaults
    see also
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • GT/KSI: fix some issues in signature file format and add conversion tool
    The file format is incompatible to previous format, but tools have been upgraded to handle both and also an option been added to convert from old to new format.
  • bugfix: ommysql did not work when gnutls was enabled
    As it turned out, this was due to a check for GnuTLS functions with the side-effect that AC_CHECK_LIB, by default, adds the lib to LIBS, if there is no explicit action, what was the case here. So everything was now linked against GnuTLS, which in turn made ommysql fail.
    Thanks to Thomas D. (whissi) for the analysis of the ommysql/gnutls problem and Thomas Heinrich for pointing out that AC_CHECK_LIB might be the culprit.
  • bugfix omfile: potential memory leak on file close
    see also:
    Thanks to Robert Schiele for the patch.
  • bugfix omfile: potential race in dynafile detection/creation
    This could lead to a segfault.
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix omfile: Fix race-condition detection in path-creation code
    The affected code is used to detect a race condition in between testing for the existence of a directory and creating it if it didn’t exist.  The variable tracking the number of attempts wasn’t reset for subsequent elements in the path, thus limiting the number of reattempts to one per the whole path, instead of one per each path element.
    This solution was provided by Martin Poole.
  • bugfix parser subsystem: potential misadressing in SanitizeMsg() could lead to a segfault
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • imfile: files moved outside of directory are now (properly) handled
  • bugfix: imfile: segfault when using startmsg.regex if first log line doesn’t match
    Thanks to Ciprian Hacman for the patch.
  • bugfix imfile: file table was corrupted when on file deletion
    This could happen when a file that was statically configured (not via an wildcard) was deleted.
  • bugfix ompgsql: transaction were improperly handled
    Now transaction support is solidly disabled until we have enough requests to implement it again. Module still works fine in single insert mode.
  • bugfix mmjsonparse: memory leak if non-cee-json message is processed
    see also
    Thanks to Anton Matveenko for the patch
  • testbench: remove raciness from UDP based tests
  • testbench: added bash into all scripts makign it mandatory
  • bugfix testbench: Fixed problem building syslog_caller util when liblogging-stdlog is not available.
    Thanks to Louis Bouchard for the patch
  • bugfix rscryutil.1: Added fix checking for generate_man_pages condition
    Thanks to Radovan Sroka for the patch
  • bugfix freebsd console: \n (NL) is prepended with \r (CR) in console output on freebsd only. For more details see here:
    Thanks to AlexandreFenyo for the patch

Changelog for 8.11.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.11.0 [v8-stable] 2015-06-30

  • new signature provider for Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) added
  • build system: re-enable use of “make distcheck”
  • bugfix imfile: regex multiline mode ignored escapeLF option
    Thanks to Ciprian Hacman for reporting the problem
  • bugfix omkafka: fixed several concurrency issues, most of them related to dynamic topics.
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • bugfix: execonlywhenpreviousissuspended did not work correctly
    This especially caused problems when an action with this attribute was configured with an action queue.
  • bugfix core engine: ensured global variable atomicity
    This could lead to problems in RainerScript, as well as probably in other areas where global variables are used inside rsyslog. I wouldn’t outrule it could lead to segfaults.
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • bugfix imfile: segfault when using startmsg.regex because of empty log line
    Thanks to Ciprian Hacman for the patch.
  • bugfix: build problem on Solaris
    Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen for reporting this and getting us up to
    speed on the openCWS build farm.
  • bugfix: build system strndup was used even if not present now added compatibility function. This came up on Solaris builds.
    Thanks to Dagobert Michelsen for reporting the problem.


Changelog for 8.10.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.10.0 [v8-stable] 2015-05-19

  • imfile: add capability to process multi-line messages based on regex input parameter “endmsg.regex” was added for that purpose. The new mode provides much more power in processing different multiline-formats.
  • pmrfc3164: add new parameters
    • “detect.yearAfterTimestamp”
      This supports timestamps as generated e.g. by some Aruba Networks equipment.
    • “permit.squareBracesInHostname”
      Permits to use “hostnames” in the form of “[]”; also seen in Aruba Networks equipment, but we strongly assume this can also happen in other cases, especially with IPv6.
  • supplementary groups are now set when dropping privileges
    Thanks to Zach Lisinski for the patch.
  • imfile: added brace glob expansion to wildcard
    Thanks to Zach Lisinski for the patch.
  • zmq: add the ability for zeromq input and outputs to advertise their presence on UDP via the zbeacon API.
    Thanks to Brian Knox for the contribution.
  • added omhttpfs: contributed module for writing to HDFS via HTTP
    Thanks to sskaje for the contribution.
  • Configure option “–disable-debug-symbols” added which is disabled per default. If you set the new option, configure won’t set the appropriate compiler flag to generate debug symbols anymore.
  • When building from git source we now require rst2man and yacc (or a replacement like bison).
    That isn’t any new requirement, we only added missing configure checks.
  • Configure option “–enable-generate-man-pages” is now disabled for non git source builds per default but enforced when building from git source.
  • mmpstrucdata: some code cleanup
    removed lots of early development debug outputs
  • bugfix imuxsock: fix a crash when setting a hostname
    Setting a hostname via the legacy directive would lead to a crash during shutdown caused by a double-free.
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix: memory leak in mmpstrucdata
    Thanks to Grégoire Seux for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix (minor): default action name: assigned number was one off
    see also
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix: memory leak in imfile
    A small leak happened each time a new file was monitored based on a wildcard. Depending on the rate of file creation, this could result in a serious memory leak.

Changelog for 8.8.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.8.0 [v8-stable] 2015-02-24

  • omkafka: add support for dynamic topics and auto partitioning
    Thanks to Tait Clarridge for the patches.
  • imtcp/imptcp: support for broken Cisco ASA TCP syslog framing
  • omfwd: more detailled error messages in case of UDP send error
  • TLS syslog: enable capability to turn on GnuTLS debug logging
    This provides better diagnostics in hard-to-diagnose cases,
    especially when GnuTLS is extra-picky about certificates.
  • bugfix: $AbortOnUncleanConfig did not work
  • improve rsyslogd -v output and error message with meta information
    version number is now contained in error message and build platform in
    version output. This helps to gets rid of the usual “which version”
    question on mailing list, support forums, etc…
  • bugfix imtcp: octet-counted framing cannot be turned off
  • bugfix: build problems on Illuminos
    Thanks to Andrew Stormont for the patch
  • bugfix: invalid data size for iMaxLine global property
    It was defined as int, but inside the config system it was declared as
    size type, which uses int64_t. With legacy config statements, this could
    lead to misadressing, which usually meant the another config variable was
    overwritten (depending on memory layout).
  • bugfix: negative values for maxMessageSize global parameter were permitted

Changelog for 8.7.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.7.0 [v8-stable] 2015-01-13

  • add message metadata “system” to msg object
    this permits to store metadata alongside the message
  • imfile: add support for “filename” metadata
    this is useful in cases where wildcards are used
  • imptcp: make stats counter names consistent with what imudp, imtcp uses
  • added new module “omkafka” to support writing to Apache Kafka
  • omfwd: add new “udp.senddelay” parameter
  • mmnormalize enhancements
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • RainerScript “foreach” iterator and array reading support
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for the patch.
  • now requires liblognorm >= 1.0.2
  • add support for systemd >= 209 library names
  • BSD “ntp” facility (value 12) is now also supported in filter
    Thanks to Douglas K. Rand of Iteris, Inc. for the patch.
    Note: this patch was released under ASL 2.0 (see email-conversation).
  • bugfix: global(localHostName=”xxx”) was not respected in all modules
  • bugfix: emit correct error message on config-file-not-found
  • bugfix: impstats emitted invalid JSON format (if JSON was selected)
  • bugfix: (small) memory leak in omfile’s outchannel code
    Thanks to Koral Ilgun for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix: imuxsock did not deactivate some code not supported by platform
    Among potential other problemns, this caused build failure under Solaris.
    Note that this build problem just made a broader problem appear that so
    far always existed but was not visible.

Changelog for 8.6.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.6.0 [v8-stable] 2014-12-02
NOTE: This version also incorporates all changes and enhancements made for
v8.5.0, but in a stable release. For details see immediately below.

  • configuration-setting rsyslogd command line options deprecated
    For most of them, there are now proper configuration objects. Some few will be completely dropped if nobody insists on them.  Additional info at
  • new and enhanced plugins for 0mq. These are currently experimantal.
    Thanks to Brian Knox who contributed the modules and is their author.
  • empty rulesets have been permitted. They no longer raise a syntax error.
  • add parameter -N3 to enable config check of partial config file
    Use for config include files. Disables checking if any action exists at
  • rsyslogd -e option has finally been removed
    It is deprectated since many years.
  • testbench improvements
    Testbench is now more robust and has additional tests.
  • testbench is now by default disabled
    To enable it, use –enable-testbench. This was done as the testbench now does better checking if required modules are present and this in turn would lead to configure error messages where non previously were if we would leave –enable-testbench on by default. Thus we have turned it off. This should not be an issue for those few testbench users.
  • add new RainerScript functions warp() and replace()
    Thanks to Singh Janmejay for the patch.
  • mmnormalize can now also work on a variable
    Thanks to Singh Janmejay for the patch.
  • new property date options for day ordinal and week number
    Thanks to github user arrjay for the patch
  • remove –enable-zlib configure option, we always require it
    It’s hard to envision a system without zlib, so we turn this off
  • slight source-tree restructuring: contributed modules are now in their own ./contrib directory. The idea is to make it clearer to the end user which plugins are supported by the rsyslog project (those in ./plugins).
  • bugfix: imudp makes rsyslog hang on shutdown when more than 1 thread used
  • bugfix: not all files closed on auto-backgrounding startup
    This could happen when not running under systemd. Some low-numbered fds were not closed in that case.
  • bugfix: typo in queue configuration parameter made parameter unusable
    Thanks to Bojan Smojver for the patch.
  • bugfix: unitialized buffer off-by-one error in hostname generation
    The DNS cache used uninitialized memory, which could lead to invalid hostname generation.
    Thanks to Jarrod Sayers for alerting us and provinding analysis and patch recommendations.
  • bugfix imuxsock: possible segfault when SysSock.Use=”off”
    Thanks to alexjfisher for reporting this issue.
  • bugfix: RainerScript: invalid ruleset names were accepted during ruleset defintion, but could of course not be used when e.g. calling a ruleset.
    IMPORTANT: this may cause existing configurations to error out on start, as they invalid names could also be used e.g. when assigning rulesets.
  • bugfix: some module entry points were not called for all modules callbacks like endCnfLoad() were primarily being called for input modules. This has been corrected. Note that this bugfix has some regression potential.
  • bugfix omlibdbi: connection was taken down in wrong thread
    This could have consequences depending on the driver being used. In general, it looks more like a cosmetic issue. For example, with MySQL it lead to a small memory but also an annoying message about a thread not properly torn down.
  • imttcp was removed because it was an incompleted experimental module
  • pmrfc3164sd because it was a custom module nobody used
    We used to keep this as a sample inside the tree, but whoever wants to look at it can check in older versions inside git
  • omoracle was removed because it was orphaned and did not build/work for quite some years and nobody was interested in fixing it

Changelog for 8.5.0 (v8-devel)

Version 8.5.0 [v8-stable] 2014-10-24

  • imfile greatly refactored and support for wildcards added
  • PRI-handling code refactored for more clarity and robustness
  • ommail: add support for RainerScript config system [action() object]
    This finally adds support for the new config style. Also, we now permit to set a constant subject text without the need to create a template for it.
  • refactored the auto-backgrounding method
    The code is now more robust and also offers possibilities for enhanced error reporting in the future. This is also assumed to fix some races where a system startup script hang due to “hanging” rsyslogd.
  • make gntls tcp syslog driver emit more error messages
    Messages previously emitted only to the debug log are now emitted as syslog error messages. It has shown that they contain information  helpful to the user for troubleshooting config issues. Note that this change is a bit experimental, as we are not sure if there are situations where large amounts of error messages may be emitted.
  • bugfix: imfile did not complain if configured file did not exist
  • bugfix: build failure on systems which don’t have json_tokener_errors
    Older versions of json-c need to use a different API (which don’t exists on newer versions, unfortunately…)
    Thanks to Thomas D. for reporting this problem.
  • imgssapi: log remote peer address in some error messages
    Thanks to Bodik for the patch.

Changelog for 7.6.7 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.7 [v7.6-stable] 2014-10-02

  • bugfix: the fix for CVE-2014-3634 did not handle all cases
    This is corrected now. See also: CVE-2014-3683
  • fixed a build problem on some platforms
    Thanks to Olaf for the patch
  • behaviour change: “msg” of messages with invalid PRI set to “rawmsg”
    When the PRI is invalid, the rest of the header cannot be valid. So
    we move all of it to MSG and do not try to parse it out. Note that
    this is not directly related to the security issue but rather done
    because it makes most sense.

Changelog for 8.4.1 (v8-stable)

Version 8.4.1 [v8-stable] 2014-09-30

  • imudp: add for bracketing mode, which makes parsing stats easier
  • permit at-sign in variable names
  • bugfix: fix syntax error in script
    Thanks to github user anthcourtney for the patch.
  • bugfix: ompgsql: don’t loose uncomitted data on retry
    Thanks to Jared Johnson and Axel Rau for the patch.
  • bugfix: imfile: if a state file for a different file name was set, that different file (name) was monitored instead of the configured one. Now, the state file is deleted and the correct file monitored.
  • bugfix: omudpspoof: source port was invalid
    Thanks to Pavel Levshin for the patch
  • bugfix: build failure on systems which don’t have json_tokener_errors
    Older versions of json-c need to use a different API (which don’t exists on newer versions, unfortunately…)
    Thanks to Thomas D. for reporting this problem.
  • bugfix: omelasticsearch does not work with broken/changed ES 1.0+ API
  • bugfix: mmanon did not properly anonymize IP addresses starting with ‘9’
    Thanks to for reporting this problem.
  • bugfix: build problems on SuSe Linux
    Thanks Andreas Stieger for the patch
  • bugfix: omelasticsearch error file did not work correctly on ES 1.0+ due to a breaking change in the ElasticSearch API.
    see also:
  • bugfix: potential abort when a message with PRI > 191 was processed if the “pri-text” property was used in active templates, this could be abused to a remote denial of service from permitted senders
    see also: CVE-2014-3634

Changelog for 7.6.6 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.6 [v7.6-stable] 2014-09-30

  • bugfix: potential abort when a message with PRI > 191 was processed
    if the “pri-text” property was used in active templates, this could be abused to a remote denial of service from permitted senders see also: CVE-2014-3634
  • bugfix: potential segfault on startup on 64 bit systems
    This happened immediately on startup during config processing. Once rsyslog got past this stage, it could not happen.
  • bugfix: build problems on SuSe Linux
    Thanks Andreas Stieger for the patch
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