RSyslog Windows Agent 5.0 Released

Release Date: 2018-04-11

Build-IDs: Service, Client


  • File Monitor: Added new options “Process rest of file as one message” and Read  Filebuffer size for better regex message separator handling.
  • Syslog Action: Added support for multiple syslog servers (Load balancing)
  • Syslog Action: Backup Syslog Server is now tried on connect as well. Before, the backup server was only used when an existing connection to the primary server interrupted.
  • Core Engine: Enhanced debug output for network errors.
  • LogNorm Action: Updated Action to support liblognorm v2 rulebases.


  • Property Engine: Fixed daylight handling when using RFC3339 string conversion. Daylight was incorrectly always applied.
  • Property Engine: Fixed dynamic properties conversion when using xml output. This bug caused some properties to be missing when sending them by SETP protocol or using Syslog Cache mode.
  • Configuration reload: Fixed missing SNMP Mibtree after configuration reload.

You can download Free Trial Version of RSyslog Windows Agent.

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