rsyslog 7.1.4 (v7-devel) released

This version implements the “missing bits” for full JSON handling: json support inside variable evaluation, the string concatenation operator and copying of full json trees in variable assignment. Most importantly, the json structure is now also persisted across disk-queues. The release also contains a number of bug fixes. ChangeLog: http://www.rsyslog.com/changelog-for-7-1-4-v7-devel/ Download: http://www.rsyslog.com/rsyslog-7-1-4-v7-devel/ As always, feedback […]

Changelog for 7.1.4 (v7-devel)

Version 7.1.4  [devel] 2012-09-19 implemented ability for CEE-based properties to be stored in disk queues implemented string concatenation in expressions via &-operator implemented json subtree copy in variable assignment implemented full JSON support for variable manipulation introduced “subtree”-type templates bugfix: omfile action did not respect “template” parameter … and used default template in all cases […]

rsyslog 7.1.0 (v7-devel) released

This release kicks off rsyslog v7. Version 7.1.0 is very similar to v6-devel, except that it contains the important capability to work with hierarchical properties. Note that this version does not yet contain the new ruleengine work – this will be part of the next v7 release. This release is primarily intended for those interested […]

Changelog for 6.3.8 (v6-devel)

Version 6.3.8  [DEVEL] 2012-04-16 added $PStatJSON directive to permit stats records in JSON format added “date-unixtimestamp” property replacer option to format as a unix timestamp (seconds since epoch) added “json” property replacer option to support JSON encoding on a per-property basis added omhiredis (contributed module) added mmjsonparse to support recognizing and parsing JSON enhanced syslog […]

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