Howto store remote messages in a separate file

In this ~8 minute video Rainer Gerhards describes Howto store remote messages in a separate file. It’s actually one of the most frequently asked question on rsyslog forum and mailing list. Note: the tutorial is for legacy config format in order to help most people gain benefit from it.

rsyslog 6.3.3 (devel) released

This is a very important milestone release. It features the new config parser and thus provides the basis for a more intuitive config format. With 6.3.3 there are already some enhancements to the format. However, more changes will come up with the next minor releases. For details, please check this link: It is worth […]

Changelog for 6.3.3 (v6-devel)

Version 6.3.3 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2011-07-13 rsyslog.conf format: now parsed by RainerScript parser this provides the necessary base for future enhancements as well as some minor immediate ones. For details see: performance of script-based filters notably increased removed compatibility mode as we expect people have adjusted their confs by now added support for the “:omfile:” […]

rsyslog 6.3.3 config format improvements

In rsyslog 6.3.3, the config processor has finally changed. The old legacy processor (and with it the early RainerScript implementation) is thrown out and has been replaced by the so-called RainerScript processor (why that crazy name?). This is an extremely important step for rsyslog, as it now has the foundation for a much better and […]

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