Changelog for 4.6.8 (v4-stable)

Version 4.6.8  [v4-stable] (rgerhards), 2011-09-01 bugfix/security: off-by-two bug in legacy syslog parser, CVE-2011-3200 bugfix: potential misadressing in property replacer bugfix: memcpy overflow can occur in allowed sender checking if a name is resolved to IPv4-mapped-on-IPv6 address Found by Ismail Dönmez at suse bugfix: The NUL-Byte for the syslogtag was not copied in MsgDup (msg.c)

Changelog for 6.3.3 (v6-devel)

Version 6.3.3 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2011-07-13 rsyslog.conf format: now parsed by RainerScript parser this provides the necessary base for future enhancements as well as some minor immediate ones. For details see: performance of script-based filters notably increased removed compatibility mode as we expect people have adjusted their confs by now added support for the “:omfile:” […]

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