rsyslog 8.3.1 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.3.1 of the v8-devel branch. This release provides some improvements for external message modification modules, a module to rewrite message facility and severity as well as bug fixes. It is a recommended update for all v8.3 users. ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Florian Riedl

Changelog for 8.3.1 (v8-devel)

Version 8.3.1 [v8-devel] 2014-04-24 external message modification interface now support modifying message PRI “jsonmesg” property will include uuid only if one was previously generated This is primarily a performance optimization. Whenever the message uuid is gotten, it is generated when not already present. As we used the regular setter, this means that always the uuid […]

rsyslog 8.3.0 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.3.0 of the v8-devel branch. This opens the next iteration of the v8-devel branch. As its most important feature, this release offers the external plugin message modification interface and comes with a full sample of a credit card anonymizer in python. ChangeLog: Download: Feedback is *very much* appreciated. Best […]

Changelog for 8.3.0 (v8-devel)

Version 8.3.0 [v8-devel] 2014-04-10 new plugin for anonymizing credit card numbers Thanks to Peter Slavov for providing the code. external message modification modules are now supported They are bound via the new native module “mmexternal”. Also, a sample skeleton for an external python message modification module has been added. new $jsonmesg property with JSON representation […]

Changelog for 8.1.6 (v8-devel)

Version 8.1.6 [devel] 2014-02-20 omfile: permit to set global defaults for action parameters Thanks to Nathan Brown for the patch. See also: add capability to escape control characters in the C way of doing it adds new global parameter “parser.escapeControlCharactersCStyle” Thanks to Nathan Brown for the patch. See also: parser global parameters can […]

rsyslog 8.1.5 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.1.5 of the v8-devel branch. This release offers some important bug fixes and an enhanced imfile. It now supports inotify and has no longer a fixed limit on the number of files that can be monitored. Note that inotify must be enabled. By default, the previous polling mode is used. For […]

Changelog for 8.1.5 (v8-devel)

Version 8.1.5 [devel] 2014-01-24 imfile now supports inotify (but must be explicitely turned on) imfile no longer has a limit on number of monitored files added ProcessInternalMessages global system parameter This permits to inject rsyslog status messages into *another* main syslogd or the journal. new dependency: liblogging-stdlog (for submitting to external logger) bugfix: imuxsock input […]

rsyslog 8.1.4 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.1.4 of the v8-devel branch. This release adds the capability to set a variable based on a template. It also adds KEEPALIVE support to the RELP modules (which now require librelp 1.2.2+ for this reason). It also adds some usability enhancements and bug fixes. Note that this release can be considered […]

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