rsyslog 8.1.4 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.1.4 of the v8-devel branch. This release adds the capability to set a variable based on a template. It also adds KEEPALIVE support to the RELP modules (which now require librelp 1.2.2+ for this reason). It also adds some usability enhancements and bug fixes. Note that this release can be considered […]

Changelog for 8.1.4 (v8-devel)

Version 8.1.4 [devel] 2014-01-10 add exec_template() RainerScript function imrelp: support for TCP KEEPALIVE added bumped librelp dependency to 1.2.2 to support new KEEPALIVE feature Add directives for numerically specifying GIDs/UIDs The already present directives (FileOwner, FileGroup, DirOwner, DirGroup) translate names to numerical IDs, which depends on the user information being available during rsyslog’s startup. This […]

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