rsyslog 6.3.3 config format improvements

In rsyslog 6.3.3, the config processor has finally changed. The old legacy processor (and with it the early RainerScript implementation) is thrown out and has been replaced by the so-called RainerScript processor (why that crazy name?). This is an extremely important step for rsyslog, as it now has the foundation for a much better and […]

rsyslog 6.3.0 (devel) released

The release of rsyslog 6.3.0 introduces a new major feature. With this release we introduce a new config system. You can find some information about the new config system in Rainer’s blog: ChangeLog: Download: As always, feedback is appreciated. Best regards, Florian Riedl

new rsyslog config system materializes

The past weeks we have worked pretty hard on the new rsyslog config system. The legacy system was quite different from what you expect in modern software. Most importantly, the legacy system applied directives as the config file was read, which made it extremely hard to restructure the config file format. That also prevented features […]

Changing the settings

Go back to What is imuxsock? Before we can begin testing on how rate limiting works, we should change the default settings. By default, rate limiting will only work, if a process sends more than 200 messages in 5 seconds.To have some influence on the rate limiting we have basically two options: $SystemLogRateLimitInterval [number] $SystemLogRateLimitBurst […]

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