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rsyslog 8.30.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.30.0.

This release features a large number of changes. First we should mention the new build requirements for libfastjson 0.99.7 and the build recommendation for imjournal being libsystemd-journal >= 234.

Notable changes are that (JSON) variables are now handled case-insensitive by default, imjournal being able to switch to persistent journal in runtime and the complete refactoring of mmanon. Also, a lot of improvements have been added to the error reporting as well as many bugfixes.

For a complete list of changes, fixes and enhancements, please visit the ChangeLog.

The packages will follow when they are finished.


Changelog for 8.18.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.18.0 [v8-stable] 2016-04-19

  • testbench: When running privdrop tests testbench tries to drop
    user to “rsyslog”, “syslog” or “daemon” when running as root and
    you don’t explict set RSYSLOG_TESTUSER environment variable.
    Make sure the unprivileged testuser can write into tests/ dir!
  • templates: add option to convert timestamps to UTC
  • omjournal: fix segfault (regression in 8.17.0)
  • imptcp: added AF_UNIX support
    Thanks to Nathan Brown for implementing this feature.
  • new template options
    • compressSpace
    • date-utc
  • redis: support for authentication
    Thanks to Manohar Ht for the patch
  • omkafka: makes kafka-producer on-HUP restart optional
    As of now, omkafka kills and re-creates kafka-producer on HUP. This
    is not always desirable. This change introduces an action param
    (reopenOnHup=”on|off”) which allows user to control re-cycling of
    It defaults to on (for backward compatibility). Off allows user to
    ignore HUP as far as kafka-producer is concerned.
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for implementing this feature
  • imfile: new “FreshStartTail” input parameter
    Thanks to Curu Wong for implementing this.
  • omjournal: fix libfastjson API issues
    This module accessed private data members of libfastjson
  • ommongodb: fix json API issues
    This module accessed private data members of libfastjson
  • testbench improvements (more tests and more thourough tests)
    among others:

    • tests for omjournal added
    • tests for KSI subsystem
    • tests for priviledge drop statements
    • basic test for RELP with TLS
    • some previously disabled tests have been re-enabled
  • dynamic stats subsystem: a couple of smaller changes
    they also involve the format, which is slightly incompatible to
    previous version. As this was out only very recently (last version),
    we considered this as acceptable.
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for developing this.
  • foreach loop: now also iterates over objects (not just arrays)
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for developing this.
  • improvements to the CI environment
  • enhancement: queue subsystem is more robst in regard to some corruptions
    It is now detected if a .qi file states that the queue contains more
    records than there are actually inside the queue files. Previously this
    resulted in an emergency switch to direct mode, now the problem is only
    reported but processing continues.
  • enhancement: Allow rsyslog to bind UDP ports even w/out specific
    interface being up at the moment.
    Alternatively, rsyslog could be ordered after networking, however,
    that might have some negative side effects. Also IP_FREEBIND is
    recommended by systemd documentation.
    Thanks to Nirmoy Das and Marius Tomaschewski for the patch.
  • cleanup: removed no longer needed json-c compatibility layer
    as we now always use libfastjson, we do not need to support old
    versions of json-c (libfastjson was based on the newest json-c
    version at the time of the fork, which is the newest in regard
    to the compatibility layer)
  • new External plugin for sending metrics to SPM Monitoring SaaS
    Thanks to Radu Gheorghe for the patch.
  • bugfix imfile: fix memory corruption bug when appending @cee
    Thanks to Brian Knox for the patch.
  • bugfix: memory misallocation if position.from and is used
    a negative amount of memory is tried to be allocated if position.from
    is smaller than the buffer size (at least with json variables). This
    usually leads to a segfault.
  • bugfix: fix potential memleak in TCP allowed sender definition
    depending on circumstances, a very small leak could happen on each
    HUP. This was caused by an invalid macro definition which did not rule
    out side effects.
  • bugfix: $PrivDropToGroupID actually did a name lookup
    … instead of using the provided ID
  • bugfix: small memory leak in imfile
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix: double free in jsonmesg template
    There has to be actual json data in the message (from mmjsonparse,
    mmnormalize, imjournal, …) to trigger the crash.
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.
  • bugfix: incorrect formatting of stats when CEE/Json format is used
    This lead to ill-formed json being generated
  • bugfix omfwd: new-style keepalive action parameters did not work
    due to being inconsistently spelled inside the code. Note that legacy
    parameters $keepalive… always worked
    see also:
    Thanks to Devin Christensen for alerting us and an analysis of the
    root cause.
  • bugfix: memory leaks in logctl utility
    Detected by clang static analyzer. Note that these leaks CAN happen in
    practice and may even be pretty large. This was probably never detected
    because the tool is not often used.
  • bugfix omrelp: fix segfault if no port action parameter was given
  • bugfix imtcp: Messages not terminated by a NL were discarded
    … upon connection termination.
    Thanks to Tomas Heinrich for the patch.

rsyslog 8.17.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.17.0.

This release brings, among a few bugfixes, a lot of brand-new features. The most important change is probably the libfastjson requirement, which replaces the json-c dependency. There is a new contributed plugin called omampq1 for AMQP 1.0 compliant brokers, a new experimental lookup table support, dynamic statistics counters and many many more.

To get a full overview over the changes, please take a look at the Changelog.


As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

Changelog for 8.17.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.17.0 [v8-stable] 2016-03-08

  • NEW REQUIREMENT: libfastjson
    see also:
  • new testbench requirement: faketime command line tool
    This is used to generate a controlled environment for time-based tests; if
    not available, tests will gracefully be skipped.
  • improve json variable performance
    We use libfastjson’s alternative hash function, which has been
    proven to be much faster than the default one (which stems
    back to libjson-c). This should bring an overall performance
    improvement for all operations involving variable processing.
  • new experimental feature: lookup table suport
    Note that at this time, this is an experimental feature which is not yet
    fully supported by the rsyslog team. It is introduced in order to gain
    more feedback and to make it available as early as possible because many
    people consider it useful.
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for implementing this feature
  • new feature: dynamic statistics counters
    which may be changed during rule processing
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for suggesting and implementing this feature
  • new contributed plugin: omampq1 for AMQP 1.0-compliant brokers
    Thanks to Ken Giusti for this module
  • new set of UTC-based $now family of variables ($now-utc, $year-utc, …)
  • simplified locking when accessing message and local variables
    this simlifies the code and slightly increases performance if such
    variables are heavily accessed.
  • new global parameter “debug.unloadModules”
    This permits to disable unloading of modules, e.g. to make valgrind
    reports more useful (without a need to recompile).
  • timestamp handling: guard against invalid dates
    We do not permit dates outside of the year 1970..2100
    interval. Note that network-receivers do already guard
    against this, so the new guard only guards against invalid
    system time.
  • imfile: add “trimlineoverbytes” input paramter
    Thanks to github user JindongChen for the patch.
  • ommongodb: add support for extended json format for dates
    Thanks to Florian Bücklers for the patch.
  • omjournal: add support for templates
    see also:
    Thanks to github user bobthemighty for the patch
  • imuxsock: add “ruleset” input parameter
  • testbench: framework improvement: configs can be included in test file
    they do no longer need to be in a separate file, which saves a bit
    of work when working with them. This is supported for simple tests with
    a single running rsyslog instance
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for inspiring me with a similar method in
    liblognorm testbench.
  • imptcp: performance improvements
    Thanks to Janmejay Singh for implementing this improvement
  • made build compile (almost) without warnings
    still some warnings are suppressed where this is currently required
  • improve interface definition in some modules, e.g. mmanon, mmsequence
    This is more an internal cleanup and should have no actual affect to
    the end user.
  • solaris build: MAXHOSTNAMELEN properly detected
  • build system improvement: ability to detect old hiredis libs
    This permits to automatically build omhiredis on systems where the
    hiredis libs do not provide a pkgconfig file. Previsouly, this
    required manual configuration.
    Thanks to github user jaymell for the patch.
  • rsgtutil: dump mode improvements
    • auto-detect signature file type
    • ability to dump hash chains for log extraction files
  • build system: fix build issues with clang
    clang builds often failed with a missing external symbol
    “rpl_malloc”. This was caused by checks in,
    which checked for specific GNU semantics. As we do not need
    them (we never ask malloc for zero bytes), we can safely
    remove the macros.
    Note that we routinely run clang static analyer in CI and
    it also detects such calls as invalid.
  • bugfix: unixtimestamp date format was incorrectly computed
    The problem happened in leap year from March til then end
    of year and healed itself at the begining of the next year.
    During the problem period, the timestamp was 24 hours too low.
  • bugfix: date-ordinal date format was incorrectly computed
    same root cause aus for unixtimestamp and same triggering
    condition. During the affected perido, the ordinal was one
    too less.
  • bugfix: some race when shutting down input module threads
    this had little, if at all, effect on real deployments as it resulted
    in a small leak right before rsyslog termination. However, it caused
    trouble with the testbench (and other QA tools).
    Thanks to Peter Portante for the patch and both Peter and Janmejay
    Singh for helping to analyze what was going on.
  • bugfix tcpflood: did not handle connection drops correct in TLS case
    note that tcpflood is a testbench too. The bug caused some testbench
    instability, but had no effect on deplyments.
  • bugfix: abort if global parameter value was wrong
    If so, the abort happened during startup. Once started,
    all was stable.
  • bugfix omkafka: fix potential NULL pointer addressing
    this happened when the topic cache was full and an entry
    needed to be evicted
  • bugfix impstats: @cee cookie was prefixed to wrong fromat (json vs. cee)
    Thanks to Volker Fröhlich for the fix.
  • bugfix imfile: fix race during startup that could lead to some duplication
    If a to-be-monitored file was created after inotify was initialized
    but before startup was completed, the first chunk of data from this
    file could be duplicated. This should have happened very rarely in
    practice, but caused occasional testbench failures.
    see also:
  • bugfix: potential loss of single message at queue shutdown
    see also:
  • bugfix: potential deadlock with heavy variable access
    When making havy use of global, local and message variables, a deadlock
    could occur. While it is extremly unlikely to happen, we have at least
    seen one incarnation of this problem in practice.
  • bugfix ommysql: on some platforms, serverport parameter had no effect
    This was caused by an invalid code sequence which’s outcome depends on
    compiler settings.
  • bugfix omelasticsearch: invalid pointer dereference
    The actual practical impact is not clear. This came up when working
    on compiler warnings.
    Thanks to David Lang for the patch.
  • bugfix omhiredis: serverport config parameter did not reliably work
    depended on environment/compiler used to build
  • bugfix rsgtutil: -h command line option did not work
    Thanks to Henri Lakk for the patch.
  • bugfix lexer: hex numbers were not properly represented
    Thanks to Sam Hanes for the patch.
  • bugfix TLS syslog: intermittent errors while sending data
    Regression from commit 1394e0b. A symptom often seen was the message
    “unexpected GnuTLS error -50 in nsd_gtls.c:530”
  • bugfix imfile: abort on startup if no slash was present in file name param
    Thanks to Brian Knox for the patch.
  • bugfix rsgtutil: fixed abort when using short command line options
    Thanks to Henri Lakk
  • bugfix rsgtutil: invalid computation of log record extraction file
    This caused verification to fail because the hash chain was actually
    incorrect. Depended on the input data set.
  • bugfix build system: KSI components could only be build if in default path

Changelog for 8.15.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.15.0 [v8-stable] 2015-12-15

  • KSI Lib: Updated code to run with libksi
    Also libksi 3.4.0.x is required to build rsyslog if ksi support
    is enabled. New libpackages have been build as well.
  • KSI utilities: Added option to ser publication url.
    Since libksi 3.4.0.x, there is no default publication url anymore.
    The publication url has to be set using the –publications-server
    Parameter, otherwise the ksi signature cannot be verified. UserID
    and UserKey can also be set by parameter now.
  • KSI Lib: Fixed wrong TLV container for KSI signatures from 0905 to 0906.
  • KSI/GT Lib: Fixed multiple issues found using static analyzer
  • performance improvement for configs with heavy use of JSON variables
    Depending on the config, this can be a very big gain in performance.
  • added pmpanngfw: contributed module for translating Palo Alto Networks logs.
    see also:
    Thanks to Luigi Mori for the contribution.
  • testbench: Changed valgrind option for
    For details see:
  • pmciscoios: support for asterisk before timestamp added
    thanks to github user c0by for the patch
    see also:
  • solr external output plugin much enhanced
    see also:
    Thanks to Radu Gheorghe for the patch.
  • omrabbitmq: improvements
    thanks to Luigi Mori for the patch
    see also:
  • add support for libfastjson (as a replacement for json-c)
  • KSI utilities: somewhat improved error messages
    Thanks to Henri Lakk for the patch.
    see also:
  • pmciscoios: support for some format variations
    Thanks to github user c0by for the patch
  • support grok via new contributed module mmgrok
    Thanks to 饶琛琳 (github user chenryn) for the contribution.
  • omkafka: new statistics counter “maxoutqsize”
    Thanks to 饶琛琳 (github user chenryn) for the contribution.
  • improvments for 0mq modules:
    • omczmq – suspend / Retry handling – the output plugin can now recover
      from some error states due to issues with plugin startup or message sending
    • omczmq – refactored topic handling code for ZMQ_PUB output to be a little
      more efficient
    • omczmq – added ability to set a timeout for sends
    • omczmq – set topics can be in separate frame (default) or part of message
      frame (configurable)
    • omcmzq – code cleanup
    • imczmq – code cleanup
    • imczmq – fixed a couple of cases where vars could be used uninitialized
    • imczmq – ZMQ_ROUTER support
    • imczmq – Fix small memory leak from not freeing sockets  when done with them
    • allow creation of on demand ephemeral CurveZMQ certs for encryption.
      Clients may specify clientcertpath=”*” to indicate they want an on
      demand generated cert.

    Thanks to Brian Knox for the contributions.

  • cleanup on code to unset a variable
    under extreme cases (very, very unlikely), the old code could also lead
    to errornous processing
  • omelasticsearch: build on FreeBSD
    Thanks to github user c0by for the patch
  • pmciscoios: fix some small issues clang static analyzer detected
  • testbench: many improvements and some new tests
    note that there still is a number of tests which are somewhat racy
  • overall code improvements thanks to clang static analyzer
  • gnutls fix: Added possible fix for gnutls issue #575
    see also:
    Thanks to Charles Southerland for the patch
  • bugfix omkafka: restore ability to build on all platforms
    Undo commit aea09800643343ab8b6aa205b0f10a4be676643b
    because that lead to build failures on various important platforms.
    This means it currently is not possible to configure the location
    of librdkafka, but that will affect far fewer people.
  • bugfix omkafka: fix potentially negative partition number
    Thanks to Tait Clarridge for providing a patch.
  • bugfix: solve potential race in creation of additional action workers
    Under extreme circumstances, this could lead to segfault. Note that we
    detected this problem thanks to ASAN address sanitzier in combination
    with a very exterme testbench test. We do not think that this issue
    was ever reported in practice.
  • bugfix: potential memory leak in config parsing
    Thanks to github user linmujia for the patch
  • bugfix: small memory leak in loading template config
    This happened when a plugin was used inside the template. Then, the
    memory for the template name was never freed.
    Thanks to github user xushengping for the fix.
  • bugfix: fix extra whitespace in property expansions
    Address off-by-one issues introduced in f3bd7a2 resulting in extra
    whitespace in property expansions
    Thanks to Matthew Gabeler-Lee for the patch.
  • bugfix: mmfields leaked memory if very large messages were processed
    detected by clang static analyzer
  • bugfix: mmfields could add garbagge data to field
    this happened when very large fields were to be processed.
    Thanks to Peter Portante for reporting this.
  • bugfix: omhttpfs now also compiles with older json-c lib
  • bugfix: memory leak in (contributed) module omhttpfs
    Thanks to git hub user c6226 for the patch.
  • bugfix: parameter mismatch in error message for wrap() function
  • bugfix: parameter mismatch in error message for random() function
  • bugfix: divide by zero if max() function was provided zero
  • bugfix: invalid mutex handling in omfile async write mode
    could lead to segfault, even though highly unlikely (caught by
    testbench on a single platform)
  • bugfix: fix inconsistent number processing
    Unfortunately, previous versions of the rule engine tried to
    support oct and hex, but that wasn’t really the case.
    Everything based on JSON was just dec-converted. As this was/is
    the norm, we fix that inconsistency by always using dec.
    Luckly, oct and hex support was never documented and could
    probably only have been activated by constant numbers.
  • bugfix: timezone() object: fix NULL pointer dereference
    This happened during startup when the offset or id parameter was not
    given. Could lead to a segfault at startup.
    Detected by clang static analyzer.
  • bugfix omfile: memory addressing error if very long outchannel name used
    Thanks to github user c6226 for the patch.
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