rsyslog 8.17.0 (v8-stable) released

We have released rsyslog 8.17.0. This release brings, among a few bugfixes, a lot of brand-new features. The most important change is probably the libfastjson requirement, which replaces the json-c dependency. There is a new contributed plugin called omampq1 for AMQP 1.0 compliant brokers, a new experimental lookup table support, dynamic statistics counters and many […]

Changelog for 8.17.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.17.0 [v8-stable] 2016-03-08 NEW REQUIREMENT: libfastjson see also: http://blog.gerhards.net/2015/12/rsyslog-and-liblognorm-will-switch-to.html new testbench requirement: faketime command line tool This is used to generate a controlled environment for time-based tests; if not available, tests will gracefully be skipped. improve json variable performance We use libfastjson’s alternative hash function, which has been proven to be much faster than […]

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