rsyslog 6.5.0 (v6-devel) released

This is an important new release of the rsyslog v6 devel branch. This release contains bugfixes, as well as new features. The most important one might be the possibility to use the config format for templates.. Please note that part of the feature set is still experimental and might be unstable. ;)





As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

Changelog for 6.5.0 (v6-devel)

Version 6.5.0  [devel] 2012-08-28

  • imrelp now supports non-cancel thread termination
    (but now requires at least librelp 1.0.1)
  • implemented freeCnf() module interface
    This was actually not present in older versions, even though some modules already used it. The implementation was now done, and not in 6.3/6.4 because the resulting memory leak was ultra-slim and the new interface handling has some potential to seriously break things. Not the kind of thing you want to add in late beta state, if avoidable.
  • added –enable-debugless configure option for very high demanding envs
    This actually at compile time disables a lot of debug code, resulting in some speedup (but serious loss of debugging capabilities)
  • added new 0mq plugins (via czmq lib)
    Thanks to David Kelly for contributing these modules
  • bugfix: omhdfs did no longer compile
  • bugfix: SystemLogSocketAnnotate did not work correctly
    Thanks to Miloslav Trmač for the patch
  • $SystemLogParseTrusted config file option
    Thanks to Milan Bartos for the patch
  • added template config directive
  • added new uuid message property
    Thanks to Jérôme Renard for the idea and patches.
    Note: patches were released under ASL 2.0, see
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