rsyslog multiple buxfixes released

Hi all, There has a security issue been identified that can potentially lead to DoS. It is triggered by malformed RFC3164 messages. An abort only happens under very specific environmental trigger factors. Full details can be found in our security advisory here: http://www.rsyslog.com/potential-dos-with-malformed-tag/ We would like to thank the Red Hat security team for finding […]

Changelog for 5.9.3 (v5-devel)

Version 5.9.3  [V5-DEVEL], 2011-09-01 bugfix/security: off-by-two bug in legacy syslog parser, CVE-2011-3200 bugfix: mark message processing did not work correctly added capability to emit config error location info for warnings otherwise, omusrmsg’s warning about new config format was not accompanied by problem location. bugfix: potential misadressing in property replacer bugfix: MSGID corruption in RFC5424 parser […]

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