Using rsyslog mmnormalize module effectively with Adiscon LogAnalyzer

Using the mmnormalize module in rsyslog is a bit complicated at first. We want to describe in this article how to set up the basic components for using log normalization. In addition to that we will show how to configure these components so messages will be split into pieces of information. These pieces of information […]

Using a strgen module to write into a database

In many cases, log messages have to be transformed. This can be done in various ways with the property replacer for example. But processing messages this way can be rather slow, since the transformation part is no native code. In this case, strgen (string generator) is the way to go. A string generator is a […]

rsyslog 5.8.0 (v5-stable) released

This is the new v5-stable version. It contains all enhancements made to the 5.7.x versions. Among others, this includes support for systemd, enhancements for imfile, new custom parsers, UDP realtime reception support, Hadoop HDFS support and many other improvements. Please note that it also contains two bug fixes that are NOT present in 5.6.5. ChangeLog: […]

Changelog for 5.8.0 (v5-stable)

Version 5.8.0 [V5-stable] (rgerhards), 2011-04-12 This is the new v5-stable branch, importing all feature from the 5.7.x versions. To see what has changed in regard to the previous v5-stable, check the Changelog for 5.7.x below. bugfix: race condition in deferred name resolution closes: http://bugzilla.adiscon.com/show_bug.cgi?id=238 Special thanks to Marcin for his persistence in helping to solve […]

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