Changelog for 8.3.1 (v8-devel)

Version 8.3.1 [v8-devel] 2014-04-24 external message modification interface now support modifying message PRI “jsonmesg” property will include uuid only if one was previously generated This is primarily a performance optimization. Whenever the message uuid is gotten, it is generated when not already present. As we used the regular setter, this means that always the uuid […]

Changelog for 8.2.1 (v8-stable)

Version 8.2.1 [v8-stable] 2014-04-17 permits to build against json-c 0.12 Unfortunately, json-c had an ABI breakage, so this is necessary. Note that versions prior to 0.12 had security issues (CVE-2013-6370, CVE-2013-6371) and so it is desirable to link against the new version. Thanks to Thomas D. for the patch. Note that at least some distros […]

Changelog for 8.3.0 (v8-devel)

Version 8.3.0 [v8-devel] 2014-04-10 new plugin for anonymizing credit card numbers Thanks to Peter Slavov for providing the code. external message modification modules are now supported They are bound via the new native module “mmexternal”. Also, a sample skeleton for an external python message modification module has been added. new $jsonmesg property with JSON representation […]

Changelog for 8.2.0 (v8-stable)

Version 8.2.0 [v8-stable] 2014-04-02 This starts a new stable branch based on 8.1.6 plus the following changes: we now use doc from the rsyslog-doc project As such, the ./doc subtree has been removed. Instead, a cache of the rsyslog-doc project’s files has been included in ./rsyslog-doc.tar.gz. Note that the exact distribution mode for the doc […]

Changelog for 7.6.3 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.3 [v7.6-stable] 2014-03-27 add capability to override GnuTLS path in build process Thanks to Clayton Shotwell for the patch support for librelp 1.2.5 Support new return states of librelp 1.2.5 to emit better error messages. For obvious reasons, librelp 1.2.5 is now required. bugfix: ompipe used invalid default template This is a regression from […]

Changelog for 7.6.1 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.1 [v7.6-stable] 2014-03-13 added “action.reportSuspension” action parameter This now permits to control handling on a per-action basis rather to the previous “global setting only”. “action resumed” message now also specifies module type which makes troubleshooting a bit easier. Note that we cannot output all the config details (like destination etc) as this would require […]

Changelog for 8.1.6 (v8-devel)

Version 8.1.6 [devel] 2014-02-20 omfile: permit to set global defaults for action parameters Thanks to Nathan Brown for the patch. See also: add capability to escape control characters in the C way of doing it adds new global parameter “parser.escapeControlCharactersCStyle” Thanks to Nathan Brown for the patch. See also: parser global parameters can […]

Changelog for 7.6.0 (v7-stable)

Version 7.6.0 [v7.6-stable] 2014-01-?? This starts a new stable branch based on 7.5.8 plus the following changes: bugfix: imuxsock input parameters were not accepted due to copy&paste error. Thanks to Andy Goldstein for the fix. added ProcessInternalMessages global system parameter This permits to inject rsyslog status messages into *another* main syslogd or the journal. new […]

Changelog for 7.4.10 (v7-stable)

Version 7.4.10 [v7.4-stable] 2014-02-12 bugfix: json templates are improperly created Strings miss the terminating NUL character, which obviously can lead to all sorts of problems. See also: Thanks to Alain for the analysis and the patch. ompgsql bugfix: improper handling of auto-backgrounding mode If rsyslog was set to auto-background itself (default code behaviour, but […]

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