rsyslog 8.1.3 (v8-devel) released

We have just released 8.1.3 of the v8-devel branch. This release contains further performance improvements. Note that both the output module interface and strgen interface have been changed and (some) modules may need to be modified. For the v8 supported rsyslog provided modules this has already be done (see v8 compatibility document for a list […]

Changelog for 8.1.3 (v8-devel)

Version 8.1.3 [devel] 2013-12-06 THIS VERSION CAN BE CONSIDERED A “NORMAL” DEVEL RELEASE. It’s no longer highly experimental. This assertion is based on real-world feedback. changes to the strgen module interface new output module interface for transactional modules performance improvements reduced number of malloc/frees due to further changes to the output module interface reduced number […]

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