Rsyslog Windows Agent Released

The rsyslog Windows agent enables customers to integrate Windows Event Logs into their central rsyslog-based logging system. Even more, it supports acting as a syslog relay as well. This enables small branch offices only runnig Windows to provide local syslog sources to the central server as well.

We have released the first full-featured version of this product today. It is based on Adiscon’s mature suite of Windows-to-syslog tools.  Most importantly, it provides the ability to fully extract Windows Event Log data, including local resolution of user IDs, SIDs, GUIDs and similiar objects. It not only supports the current Windows Event Log format but  also the legacy (pre Windows-2008/Vista) event log system. The technology behind this tool is already in use at thousands of customer sites for many years (in the form of, for example, EventReporter and other Adiscon products).

The rsyslog Agent for Windows has been highly optimized for use with rsyslog at the back end. For example, it supports mutually-authenticated, TLS encrypted syslog as well as the RELP protocol for reliable delivery. Also, it provides an initial implementation of cee-enhanced syslog, and is the world’s first-ever solution to do so (details can be found in the configuration guide for cee-enhanced syslog).

By purchasing rsyslog Agent for Windows customers not only get first class event log integration, they also help fund further improving the rsyslog solution as whole. The package even contains limited rsyslog professional services.

A trial version can be downloaded from the rsyslog Windows agent page.

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