rsyslog 7.3.3 (v7-devel) released

We have just released 7.3.3 of the v7-devel branch. This release most importantly provides increased performance for the disk queue subsystem. Especially CPU-use will be much lower when unspooling disk queues. It also contains all known fixes for v7, some imported from v7-stable and earlier versions.   ChangeLog: http://www.rsyslog.com/changelog-for-7-3-3-v7-devel/ Download: http://www.rsyslog.com/rsyslog-7-3-3-v7-devel/ As always, feedback is […]

Changelog for 7.3.3 (v7-devel)

Version 7.3.3  [devel] 2012-11-07 improved disk queue performance bugfix: dynafile zip files could be corrupted This could happen if a dynafile was destructed before the first write. In practice, this could happen if few lines were written to a file and it then became evicted from the dynafile cache. This would probably look very random, […]

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