Changelog for 7.2.1 (v7-stable)

Version 7.2.1  [v7-stable] 2012-10-29

  • bugfix: ruleset()-object did only support a single statement
  • added -D rsyslogd option to enable config parser debug mode
  • improved syntax error messages by outputting the error token
  • the rsyslog core now suspeneds actions after 10 failures in a row
    This was former the case after 1,000 failures and could cause rsyslog
    to be spammed/ressources misused. See the v6 compatibility doc for more details.
  • ommongodb rate-limits error messages to prevent spamming the syslog
    closes (for v7.2): http://bugzilla.adiscon.com/show_bug.cgi?id=366
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