New Version Release of libfastjson: Enhanced Optimization for liblognorm – Version 1.2304.0

We are excited to announce the latest version of libfastjson, version 1.2304.0, offering enhanced optimizations specifically tailored for liblognorm processing. This update brings not only a change in the release numbering to align with rsyslog standards but also includes a crucial security fix.

Highlights of the Release:

  • Updated Release Numbering Scheme: Adopting a release numbering scheme similar to rsyslog, we aim for greater consistency and clarity across our projects.
  • Security Enhancement: The release addresses CVE-2020-12762. We acknowledge and thank Wang Haitao for the valuable patch. It’s noteworthy that this CVE had no impact on rsyslog usage due to inherent size limits.

Changelog for Version 1.2304.0 (2023-04-18):

  1. Transition to a release numbering scheme mirroring that of rsyslog.
  2. Patch for CVE-2020-12762, reinforcing the security of the library.

Download the Latest Version:

The new version of libfastjson can be downloaded from: libfastjson 1.2304.0 Download

Checksum (sha256sum): ef30d1e57a18ec770f90056aaac77300270c6203bbe476f4181cc83a2d5dc80c

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