The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.6.0 (v4-beta)

Version 4.6.0 [v4-stable] (rgerhards), 2010-02-24


This is a new stable v4 version. It contains all fixes and enhancements
made during the 4.5.x phase as well as those listed below.

Note: this version is scheduled to conclude the v4 development process.
Do not expect any more new developments in v4. The focus is now
on v5 (what also means we have a single devel branch again).

("development" means new feature development, bug fixes are of
course provided for v4-stable)

  • improved testbench to contain samples for totally malformed messages which miss parts of the message content
  • bugfix: some malformed messages could lead to a missing LF inside files or some other missing parts of the template content.
  • bugfix: if a message ended immediately with a hostname, the hostname was mistakenly interpreted as TAG, and localhost be used as hostname
  • bugfix: message without MSG part could case a segfault [backported from v5 commit 98d1ed504ec001728955a5bcd7916f64cd85f39f]. This actually was a "recent" regression, but I did not realize that it was introduced by the performance optimization in v4-devel. Shame on me for having two devel versions at the same time…