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rsyslog 4.6.0 (v4-stable) released

Hi all,
We have just released rsyslog 4.6.0.

Rsyslog 4.6.0 is the next revision of the v4-stable branch. It brings all new features of 4.5.x to the stable releases. This includes bug fixes as well as many new features. Out of the many, I would like to highlight the ability to have output files automatically zipped, multiple TCP listeners and overall performance improvement. For all details, please check the 4.5.x change log entries.

This release has undergone rigorous testing in some very demanding environments. We held release until all tests went out well. We are happy to have reached this stage now and sincerely think that the version is ready for prime time. Thanks to everyone who contributed test time and bug reports!

We recommend that all v4-stable users have a look at 4.6.0 and consider updating to it. Please note that 4.6.0 also does have some patches which 4.4.2 does not have. Support for 4.4.2 is concluded now (but still available via support contracts).



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Tom Bergfeld