ChangeLog for 3.20.5 (v3-stable)

Version 3.20.5 [v3-stable] (rgerhards), 2009-04-02

  • bugfix: potential abort with DA queue after high watermark is reached
    There exists a race condition that can lead to a segfault. Thanks
    go to vbernetr, who performed the analysis and provided patch, which
    I only tweaked a very little bit.

  • fixed bugs in RainerScript:
    • when converting a number and a string to a common type, both were
      actually converted to the other variable’s type.

    • the value of rsCStrConvertToNumber() was miscalculated.
      Thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch
  • fixed a bug in which resulted in problems with
    environment detection – thanks to Michael Biebl for the patch

  • fixed a potential segfault problem in gssapi code
    thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch

  • doc enhance: provide standard template for MySQL module and instructions
    on how to modify schema
ChangeLog for 3.20.5 (v3-stable)
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